Awakening - Sky of Diamonds

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>>> OVERPOWERED fun & serious silliness in the sky! 400+ mods - 1000+ quests. From the creators of Awakening. <<<


UPDATED: Looking for a unique old school progression style 1.7.10 pack? Why not try: Awakening - Classic!


(Do not PM issues or bugs, they will be ignored. Use the Issue Tracker or Discord, thanks).

About Awakening Modpack:


Awakening - Sky of Diamonds is a modpack designed with 1 goal in mind... to be as much frickin' fun as possible. From the moment you spawn on 9 blocks of diamond you know this is going to be different. Unlike a lot of modern sky-blocks; which seem to have drastically increased grind and become hugely over complicated, SoD breaks the mold by reducing initial grind and focusing more on bringing back the good times. There's no 100 long nested armour crafting chains here, no 9x9 crafting just to make a stick. What we do have is a bunch of great mods, from lesser know to the classics, a whole bunch of dimensions to explore, 1000+ quests and a whole bunch of down right wacky fun. An ideal "pallet cleanser" pack to play between larger packs, like Awakening - Classic ;)


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Note: This is a heavy pack. You will need a fairly decent computer to run it. I would recommended setting your RAM to at least 6GB in the Curse/Twitch launcher settings (8GB+ is recommended for best experience). Servers should have a minimum of 4GB of RAM, but ideally more for the best experience. The pack also requires Java 8 (do not use an older or newer version). A performance guide can be found (HERE).


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The pack can be installed easily through the Twitch App. If you don't already have the app or need help installing, a video guide can be found below:


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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What state is the pack currently in?

A. Awakening - Sky of Diamonds is currently in release state, it should be very stable and any bugs or issues are generally fixed quickly (as are all Awakening packs).

Q. Can I use this modpack to record a YouTube/Twitch etc. series?

A. If you use this modpack for a let’s play, please let me know (although not necessary). I would love to link to it in this thread. Other than that go for it!

Q. The pack keeps failing to download/update or times out?

A. This is an error with the Curse/Twitch launcher and, unfortunately, beyond my control. It seems to happen mostly on poor or low speed internet connections. Please try downloading the pack at another time.

Q. Can I setup a server to play with friends?

A. Sure! Dedicated server release is now available, just look under the 'Additional Files' section after choosing the version you want to use (HERE). Or if you are struggling; Bisect our sponsors can even set the modpack up for you! Just click (HERE).

Q. Is there an open server I can play on?

A. There are usually open servers advertised on the Discord (HERE).

Q. I cant become a Patreon is there any other way to join the sub server?

A. You can gain Patreon rank (and all available in game Patreon rewards) by being helpful and active on the Discord (HERE). So hop on and start chatting!

Q. Can I redistribute or modify this pack?

A. You may NOT under ANY circumstance redistribute this pack or claim it as your own. Derivative works are also forbidden. You may ONLY modify the pack for PERSONAL use. For more information please read the full license (HERE).

Q. Could you please add [AE2/Blood Magic/Mod ABC]?

A. The mods chosen and used in this pack are carefully chosen and modified for balance. Some mods upset this balance, others cause conflicts with current mods or performance issues. You are welcome to add mods yourself; however, you may ONLY modify the pack for PERSONAL use. For more information please read the license (HERE). Please note that absolutely no support can be provided for a modified pack, do so at your own risk.

Q. I’ve found a bug, where should I report it?

A. All bugs should be reported to the issue tracker (HERE). If you want help with other issues, the Discord is the best place to get quick help, it can be found (HERE). 

Q. Where is the best place to chat about the pack?

A. Discord (HERE).

Q. Sound cuts in/out when loading a world or doesn't start after is has been muted/un-muted?

A. There are a few problems with the mod controlling music. The mod we used in the 1.7 packs hasn't updated to 1.12 so we had to use a different one. I'm looking into solutions for these minor issues, but they shouldn't be a major problem; simply mute the music if you don't like the bugs.

Q. The pack is laggy/I have a lower spec computer, can I still run the pack?

A. You can try adding the Optifine mod from:

Q. The sky flashes or displays strangely when I use shaders?

A. The botania garden of glass skybox is known to cause issues with some shaders. Notably a flashing skybox. If you are having this issue, you can either turn off sky rendering in video settings or disable the Garden of Glass mod. A shaders guide can be found (HERE).


Full Mod List