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Performance Guide

Although Awakening is highly optimized compared to other large packs, packs with such a large mod count can be inherently taxing on system performance. If you are finding performance to be sub optimal, there are several steps you can take to maximize performance. These are listed below in order of largest peformance gain:



>>> Optifine is not compatible with Awakening - Experimental <<<

The first and usually biggest boost to FPS can be found be installing Optifine. Due to it's license it cannot be shipped with the pack, and must be installed by the player. To install it, simply download it from the link below and place it in your mods folder:

Note: Awakening - Classic comes shipped with an Optifine options file with the optimal performance tweaks already set, it is advised not to alter these settings.


Awakening Lite

There is a 'lite' version of the pack available for those with lower end hardware and older systems. This pack is identical to the full Awakening pack with exception of some graphical client side mods and some graphic settings tweaks. It can significantly boost performance. More info on the 'lite' pack can be found at the link below:

Note: If you have already started a world on the full version, you can safely copy your save folder over to Awakening Lite and continue playing. Saves are 100% cross compatible.


Video Settings

The settings shipped with Awakening are set for the best balance of quality v performance. It is generally not advised to alter most settings. There are however some settings which can be reduced to increase performance. These are as follows:

Graphics: Fancy (Default) -> Graphics: Fast

Smooth Lighting: Minimum (Default) -> Smooth Lighting: Off

Particles: All (Default) -> Particles: Minimal

Render Distance: 5 chunks (Default) -> Render Distance: 4 chunks

View Bobbing: ON -> View Bobbing: OFF

IMPORTANT! Leave VSync: OFF and Max Framerate: Unlimited, changing these settings WILL cause serious performance decrease and lag spikes due to a vanilla bug.

Note: Many of these settings are already included with the 'Lite' version of the pack; Awakening Lite.


Further Performance Notes

System Requirements

This is a pretty heavy pack. You will need a fairly decent computer to run it. I would recommended setting your RAM to 4-6GB (but no more) in the Curse/Twitch launcher settings. Servers should have a minimum of 3GB of RAM, but ideally 4GB or more for the best experience. Pack also requires Java 8 (do not use an older or newer version).


Server Hosts

Note if playing on a multiplayer server, or setting one up, be aware that not all hosts are born equal. There are many hosts out there that do not advertise their system specs, use sub par hardware or share servers between too many customers. This can result in serious performance issues. There are many great hosts out there and I highly recommend doing your research and looking at customer reviews. The pack is sponsored by BisectHosting who we use ourselves and know provide a solid service for the pack. I would recommend a 3GB package or above for best performance. You can use my link and enter code awakening25 for 25% off your first month:


Advanced Performance Guide

There are further tweaks outside of Minecraft that can help the game (and for that matter any game) run better. These are listed below:


Razer Cortex

Razor Cortex is a free piece of system and game performance boosting software made by Razer. You do not need to own any Razer devices to use it. It's boost function will automatically unload some unnecessary services when loading a game, this can free up a decent chunk of memory and helps decently on devices with lower memory. It also uses some other tweaks to help keep your games running smoothly. It can be downloaded from the link below:


Malwarebytes ADWCleaner

ADWCleaner is a free piece of software that can be run on a (Windows) system without needing to be installed. It clears unwanted junk software from your system like adware, spyware and PUP's (potentially unwanted programs). It is a key piece of software used by many IT support professionals and is safe to run on any system. It can really help speed up your system if it is badly infected, but can also be used on 'clean' systems to confirm their junk free state. It can be downloaded from the link below: