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Shaders Guide

Using shaders with Awakening is only advised for players with super high end systems or those just wanting to use them for screen shots rather than extended play. With that said there are a few tweaks that need to be made to make shaders work optimally with the pack.


To use shaders with the pack, you MUST first install Optifine by placing it in your mods folder and running the pack with it at least once before adding shaders. Optifine can be downloaded from the link below:

Note: Awakening comes shipped with an Optifine options file with the optimal performance tweaks already set, it is advised not to alter these settings.


Although you are free to use any shaders you like. We would recommend trying Plunder Pixel's shaders first. They are confirmed to work well with the pack and can be downloaded directly from Curse (a lot of other shaders require download from dubious sites). The Plunder Pixel's shader pack can be downloaded from the link below and dropped into your shaders folder:


The botania garden of glass skybox is known to cause issues with some shaders. Notably a flashing skybox. If you are having this issue, you can either turn off sky rendering in video settings or disable it by editing \config\Botania.cfg and changing the line B:fancySkybox.enable= from true to false.


The mob healthbar frames can cause issues with some shaders, if this bothers you the mod 'Neat' which adds them, can safely be disabled or removed from the pack. You will still be able to play on servers with this mod removed as it is client side only.