Another Quality Modpack 2 - 1.18.2

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How to change the terralith seed


AQM2 is under active development with weekly to bi-weekly updates adding the best of the best and balancing them at the same time to create the perfect modpack where everything added can co-exist. This isn't an easy pack, it is challenging enough to not allow you to breeze by, disabling OP items. There are over 1500 recipe changes, blending mods together to create progression. The Nether and End are revamped to make you sweat, have fun :)


Now with quests!



[ORIGINS] What's great about Another Quality Modpack 2 is that we use the Origins mod, which is rare with the larger packs. We have over 20 Origins you can choose from, along with 9 classes, and when it gets added back into 1.18.1, Libra and its buffing other origin powers. You can become; Shulkian, Dragonkin, Golemborn, Vampire, Arcanite (Full mage), Platformer, Enderian, Phantom (SP), Fairy (SP), and so much more.... This brings some spice to your game as each origin offers pros and cons along with special abilities like shooting fireballs, flying with elytras, phasing through blocks, burrowing through the ground, speed, and more. Don't want an origin? Become a human which basically means you do not have an origin.


✅ [CORE] A unique all-around balanced and challenging experience where we blend together major and minor mods to allow the player to utilize as many mods as they'd like, be it through custom recipes and loot tables. AQM2 adds Quests, 150+ new structures/dungeons/mineshafts/strongholds, 307 biomes, new villagers and custom trades, new dimensions, automation, over one hundred new enchantments like veinmining, and double jump. New food seeds and saplings (500+) with Croptopia, Valley Craft, and Farmers Delight, custom mobs (over 600 mobs), and bosses, enchantments, the tiered progression system for tools/armors/weapons, hundreds of new fun weapons (300+), a lot of them can only be found in dungeon loot, tools (100+), rings, artifacts, enchantments, and armors (670+), Decoration blocks (4000+) and our personal favorite, Bits and Chisels.


✅ [TECH/MAGIC/CHALLENGES] Challenge yourself with unified tech mods Tech Reborn, Applied Energistics 2, Modern Industrialization, Deep Mob Learning, and Industrial Revolution, and our magic mods like Botania, Bewitchment, Golemancy (Summon Golems to automate certain tasks or battle with you),  Arcanus (Similar to Electroblob's Wizardy), Spectrum, and Magic Fungi that we have available and intertwine with each other. Experience Conjuring mobs for mob farms, and enchant your gear with the expensive Dark Enchanter. Along the way, you'll encounter unique mobs modified with 4 to 12 modifiers including invisibility, thorns, fire, and more thanks to Eldritch Mobs. Be careful in the nether as you will fight over 40+ Doom mobs, which are the first step towards gear that will prepare you for bosses.


✅ [TAME] Miss fire and ice? Now you can tame and mount dragons, griffons, lizards, moths, wolves, and 9 other animals and creatures. You can even craft mini workers like; Schmucks, or tame Mischief Rats who both Farm, harvest, attack If you get lonely and want someone to help you attack mobs, create a companion such as the Companion Bat, which levels and has classes depending on the armor you equip it, or tame a Lovely Snail and ride it throughout the world


✅ [ADVENTURE] Build a space station and rocket and fly into planetary dimensions in space, venture into the Aether Reborn to take a different kind of journey. Fan of Structures? We have over 200+ Structures thanks to Mo' Structures, Repurposed Structures, and Dungeons Arise, Explore and risk your life in Dimensional Doors, go adventure into BetterStrongholds, and BetterMineshafts for special loot. Like leveling? You'll enjoy the subtle RPG Stats with offer unique buffs at levels 25 and 50 for that skill, such as farming. When you join, you'll be shown a menu that gives you the option to choose an Origin, Origin Class, and an Origin Curse which all offer a unique experience giving you buffs and nerfs depending on the origin. You can choose 'human' if you would like to not participate in an origin.


✅ [EXPLORE] You will never get bored with exploring the 200+ newly available biomes in Terralith's Overworld, Nether, and End. Mine in Mining Dimension [1.18] or Caving Dimension, you can even hunt in the Hunting Dimension for special loot. 1.17 Features Miner's Horizon, which has 3 layers of ore, each layer has more mob spawn, and rarer ores. Get to the bottom for the best ore. Can't forget about the complete overhaul of the Nether and The End with BetterNether and BetterEnd, adding mobs, biomes, ambiance sounds and music, structures, dungeons, loot, and bosses.


✅ [BALANCING] Hours and hours have been spent on studying interactions between items and mobs from all the mods in this pack. That being said, balancing has been made, unlike other modpacks where mods are thrown in and make two changes. Recipes have been customized to make you actually progress through the game using what AQM2 has to offer, the mods. Want the end game angel ring for creative flight? Well, you're going to have to kill Three end-game bosses and use tech reborn and others for the recipe. OP items have been removed or modified into a progression module to be obtainable end game. Mobs are harder, buffed hp, attacks, player equipment armor, tool speeds, everything has been balanced to be challenging and fun at the same time.


✅ [QoL and Ambience] The little things matter like adding tons of client improvements, optimizations, and QoL changes featuring ambient sounds exclusive to dungeons and adventuring to walking and attacking, hud changes, 2 person horse riding, dynamic lights, illumination, and so much more… SOUND is huge in this pack, you will be immersed like never before with the new footsteps, drips, and biome sounds. Make sure to unmute! Optimized with Iris + Sodium + Indium + FerriteCore + Hydrogen + Sodium + EntityCulling + FpsReducer + Krypton. Shaders already included for Sodium!





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👉 4 Official AQM2 Servers (3 public servers, 1 donor server)
👉 Custom items that end game bosses drop for end game recipes
👉 More biomes than any other 1.18.1 fabric modpack available. 150+ New biomes and modified vanilla biomes that include modded ore generation in the Overworld, The Nether, and The End
👉 Tiered furnaces, and a storage network system
👉 Aether: Lost Paradise
👉 Dimensional Doors
👉 Custom Loot Tables
👉 Vanilla+ Enhancements with Carpet and Charm (Ex; Renewable Dragon Egg, Renewable Wither Skeletons, Dispenser Modifications, Silktouch, and more)
👉 30+ Perma End Game Wings (Overhauled Elytras) (Waiting for 1.18.x release)
👉 Chisel and Bits n Chisels (Perfect for Inchling Origin :)
👉 Sodium + Lithium + Hydrogen + Starlight + Krypton + Indium and Iris = Optimized Modpack
👉 13 End Game Bosses (Bosses of Mass Destruction, AdventureZ, VoidZ, Doom, Mobz)
👉 Colored Chat and Item Linking (Go in inventory, hover over item and press SNEAK+T for linking)
👉 150+ Modded Mobs
👉 Redstone Plus coming in with tons of new tools and blocks for redstone automations
👉 Graves when you die which hold your items and 80% XP
👉 Several dozen different ways to automate anything
👉 Automate farming, collecting, attacking
👉 HYWLA(WTHIT), REI(JEI), and other visual addons
👉 Tree Log Drops (Drops 1 log after you break a log, Sneak + chop)
👉 Custom loot tables
👉 Expanded Chests / Tom's Simple Storage / Dank Storage / Upgraded Shulkers (that can act as Dank Storages) / Applied Energistics 2 Wireless Terminals
👉 Scythes, Paxels, Hammers, Tree Axes, Excavators, Miners Quarry, Generators, Compressors
👉 Claim Land typing /flan in game
👉 Ingame skin changer using /skin
👉 Bind hotkeys with Alt, Ctrl, and Shift giving you more access to controls

👉 Auto Run (Change keybind)

👉 Better Third Person View and Elytra Camera's (F4 and F5)





340+ Mods including...

👉 Enable Shaders (This Modpack comes with three that you can enable from Video Settings -> Shaders)
👉 Prefabricated Structures (@prefab)
👉 World Map & Minimap
👉 3x3 Gobber Mining Hammers (Upgradeable to 5x5 The End), Paxels, Whole Tree Axe, Excavators
👉 100+ Custom Structures & BetterMineshafts, Underground Villages, BetterStrongholds, and more.
👉 More Villagers with new jobs
👉 Discover loot that's only found in exploring chests like MC Story Armor and Effect-giving hats
👉 140+ New Enchantments
👉 Tiered Backpacks, Trinkets, Rings, Artifacts
👉 Tiered Chests, Dank Storages, and Upgraded Shulkers (Void and Hopper addons)
👉 Item pipes with filters, remote storage access into inventories and vacuum hoppers
👉 Hooks (Use a hook to get to hard to reach places that are also upgradeable @hookshot)
👉 Plant in a Jar & EMagnet (Automate Sapling building and E Magnet is for Item Collection) [1.17 | Waiting for 1.18 Release]
👉 Automate Farming, Mining, Harvesting, Building, Power Generation
👉 Quarry Mining from QuarryPlus
👉 Over 300+ Foods, Seeds, Saplings (Croptopia and Farmers Delight)
👉 Secret Rooms (REI: @secret)
👉 Space Dimension!
👉 A new tiered weapon/armor set grinding experience from The Overworld -> The Nether -> The End
👉 TechReborn and Industrial Revolution (Modern Industrialization for 1.18.x) (Challenge yourself and build the ultimate tech base)
👉 Botania, Bewitchment, and Arcanus (Magic!)
👉 Deep Mob Learning (Unique tech mod based upon mob killing)
👉 DOOM! [Mobs, Doom Guns/Tools, Trinkets] (Needed for endgame)
👉 BetterNether (Experience a complete overhaul of The Nether)
👉 BetterEnd (Over 15 Biomes)
👉 Minecraft Dungeons Weapons, Artifacts, and Armors [Get MC Dungeon items in Minecraft!]
👉 Waystones (Teleport to Structures found and friends bases)
👉 @Kibe and @Things (For utilities and other fun items)
👉 Wireless Networks
👉 Origins (Pick an origin and a class for a subtle boost in gameplay, like the Miner who doesn't exhaust from mining)
👉 Decorative Blocks
👉 Mining Dimensions
👉 Chest Tracker (Find items in all the chests you've ever looked through via GUI in inventory or pressing 'Y' on held item)
👉 Bind Keys using Shift, Control, Alt
👉 Sodium, FerriteCore, Krypton, Lithium and other optimization mods and tweaks
👉 Numerous Visual & Audio client enhancements to make your gameplay more immersed
👉 Minecraft Tweaks and enhancements (More recipes for things that should exist)
👉 and so much more....








And 2000+ other blocks like tables, chairs, counter tops, kitchen sinks, and more.






Uploading more images very soon







Here are a few of the many bosses that exist in AQM2

Get 4 Gilded Blackstone Shards by bartering with piglins or find them in the nether bastions.

Build 4 Chiseled Polished Blackstone Holder by putting Chiseled Polished Blackstone into the stone cutter.

Place a circular area of blackstone blocks (or whatever is similar to blackstone) with a radius of 5 and put one each edge the stone holder just like this:

After you placed all 4 shards into their holder the ritual will start.....
 The Eye:



Blackstone Golem

- Spawns with ritual


I don't want to spoil the end game bosses so below are some pictures of some custom mobs

Piglin Beast

- Spawns randomly while attacking piglins and mining nether gold ore

Soul Reaper (Mount: Nightmare)

- Spawns in soul sand valley



- Spawns in nether fortress's

Summoner (and its guard)

- Spawns during thunderstorm

Blaze Guardian

- Spawns in nether fortress's



The Dragon is mainly for travelling for now!

You have to kill the Eye to reclaim the dragon egg.

The egg will feel the Fame you reached by killing the Eye and will hatch over time (about 10mins)

After the Dragon hatched, tame it by feeding it with raw meat or orc skin.

The Dragon has to grow up one stage to be rideable (dragon saddle needed) and another stage to carry a chest.

Advancement Plaques resource pack by: Grend_G