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 Check out Another Quality Modpack for Fabric 1.19.2

Featuring the greatest Forge has to offer for 1.18.2, Another Quality Modpack does it again with being one of the largest modpacks for 1.18.2 with 400+ mods. Brings you what you want to play and how you want to play it while challenging you to get what you need to get, experiencing everything AQM3 has to offer. There have been so many QoL additions, optimizations, recipe balancing, ambiance immersion, mod blending changes that you will not be bored of this in 4 days. We strive to make you want to get to the end game to beat those bosses, which is no easy feat.


With Project MMO, You can focus on stats that will in turn increase the actual attribute. Want stronger attacks? Level up combat. Want to venture into water more? Start swimming to increase underwater breathing. Want to run faster? Increase agility. Want more HP? Increase Endurance. The list goes on and on. This is the core of the modpack, but we aren't gating items like normal PMMO usage, so do not worry, we're only using it for the stat increase/xp bonus from crafting, smelting, smithing.


We want you to go through the mods in this pack, so we blended mods together. Fighting end game bosses to get the best of the best, or requiring some machines to craft a certain recipe. We want you to experience this pack as a whole, and not just focus on one or two mods. This modpack is under active development, along with AQM2.





[✔] CORE - For Core gameplay, Biomes You'll Go is our biome generator. Project MMO (Mainly used for attribute buffs, and several item gates) for a straight-up RPG style Stats like Fishing, Melee, Magic, Smithing, Agility, Endurance (each level adds 1% damage resistant with 50% max), Farming, and more. Each stat level comes with buffs like increase attack damage, extra hearts, speed, etc. Fishing has been overhauled thanks to Better Fishing Mob. When you fish, you will increase your rods fishing level which increases your loot chance. You can loot random enchantments based on tiers, as well as craft special fishing rods. Spice Of Life: Carrot Edition will increase your hearts by eating unique food.  PlayerRevive controls death, when you die you go down like battle royales, allowing a friend to revive you, or you can commit the ultimate sin to skip being down and unalive yourself. Get to the End Game recipes by defeating the modified end-game bosses that are revamped to be incredibly challenging from the likes of Doom, Mowzie's Mobs, Blue Skies, Stalwart Dungeons.


A lot of recipes have been modified to use other mods in the recipes to allow the player to experience a lot of what is in the pack, as well as to make the modpack more challenging and something you cannot finish in two to three days.


[✔] TECH AND STORAGE - For Tech and Storage, we have Draconic Evolution, Tinkers Construct, Thermal, Mekanism, Assembly Line Machines, LaserIO, Create, ComputerCraft, Mystical Agriculture and Agradditions, Productive Bees, Refined Storage, Simple Storage Network, Storage Drawers, Sophisticated Backpacks, Reliquary, Sophisticated Backpacks and Storage, Tesseract, Entangled Blocks, Cyclic, and more. The core for our tech is that there is a required tiered progression for Thermal, Assembly Line Machines, and Mekanism. Thermal is the first tech mod you will have to go through leading to Assembly Line Machines, and then finishing with Mekanism. These mods are also blended together.


[✔] MAGIC - For Magic, we have Iron's Spells and Spellbooks, Mana & Aritifice (Similar to Ars Nouveau), Enigmatica Legacy, Relics, Artifacts, Blood Magic,  Botania, Hexeri, EvilCraft, Tombstone, and more. Blending Hexerei, EvilCraft, and Mana & Aritifice together for a great time experiencing the best magic that you can get. Using Mana & Aritifice, you can build wands using modular spells that can range from automation to destruction. Build Spell turrets using those same modular spells. Fly on brooms, summon demons. If you are a fan of Electroblob's Wizardry, you will love Irons Spells and Spellbooks.


[✔] ADVENTURE - For Adventure, you will face difficult mobs and bosses throughout the Overworld, The Nether, and The End thanks to Ice and Fire, Doom, Stalwart Dungeons, L_Cataclysm, Orcz, Goblins and Dungeons, and more.... AQM3 has over 100 Structures from When Dungeons Arise, Better Mineshafts,  Dungeon Crawl (The new roguelike dungeons), Repurposed Structures, and more.. For Dimensions, we have Blue Skies, FuturePack, The Undergarden, Just Another Void Dimension, Just Another Mining Dimension. Find Battle Towers that spawn modded mobs with higher difficulties between levels that can give you rare loot on the top floor after defeating the tower boss.


[✔] MOBS - For Mobs, we use Alexs Mobs, Ice and Fire, Graveyard, Brutal Bosses, Infernal Mobs, Doom,  Kobolds, Goblins and Dungeons, The Conjurer, Revamped Wolf, Hunter Illager, Mowzie Mob's. Infernal Mobs is added to give a rare chance to transform mobs into a infernal tier which gives the mob 3-8 abilities, depending on the tier.


[✔] MISC - For those Misc mods, we have tons. Find Inventory Pets to give you unique abilities ranging from low tiered, to legendary pets which can be found in special structures in there chests. Create Relics that give you special abilities as you increase its level. DoggyTalents for those special pet abilities, Quark, Cyclic, and Reliquary for the randomness and crazy things, Wormhole to build the craziest portals ever, Easy Villagers to create villager farms, fast. Waystones for teleporting.. Artifacts to spawn in hard to find artifacts across the world in chests that give crazy effects (most have set durability and will break after so many uses), Pretty Pipes for all your piping needs. BetterCrates for those cool large crates. Tool Belt to get more inventory space. Farmers Delight (Along with Adons), Pams HarvestCraft, Croptopia, Garden Tools, Fuel Canister, Engineers Decor, Moving Elevators, and so so much more!



👉 Official Dedicated Server for Players
👉 100+ armor with some giving special abilities when equipping the full set
👉 Over 100 Chest-Found Only Curios items, encouraging exploration
👉 60+ Spells, 100+ Enchantments, 150+ Custom Mobs, 3000+ Decor Blocks
👉 80+ Custom Dungeons and Structures
👉 Automate Everything (From fishing to nuclear bombs, to spells that protect your base or teleport your items)
👉 Chests that will always have loot if you haven't opened it before and another player has
👉 1000+ Food options to explore and automate using Create: Slice and Dice
👉 Mekanism + Generators
👉Thermal + All Addons but Locomotive
👉 Relics
👉 Tinkers Construct
👉 Battle Towers
👉 It Takes a Pillage
👉 Inventory Pets
👉 Mana and Artifice
👉 Pam's HarvestCraft
👉 EvilCraft
👉 Hexerei
👉 The Undergarden
👉 Blue Skies
👉 Alex Mob's
👉 AquaCulture 2
👉 Artifacts
👉 Create
👉 Cyclic (Balanced)
👉 Reliquary (Balanced)
👉 Doggy Talents 2
👉 End Game Bosses & Tiered Gear
👉 Enigmatica Legacy
👉 Entangled
👉 FTB Quests
👉 Brutal Bosses
👉 Infernal Mobs (Encounter random tiered mobs, buffed with effects, works on vanilla + custom mobs)
👉 Land Claims using Flan (Use a golden hoe)
👉 Mystical Agriculture + Agradditions + Crystals
👉 Pretty Pipes
👉 Productive Bees
👉 Project MMO (Not used to gate for the most part, but focused on leveling stats to increase your own attributes like damage, hp, xp bonuses, run speed and more!)
👉 Quark
👉 Quarries
👉 Ranged Pumps
👉 Refined Storage
👉 Repurposed Structures + Stalwart Dungeons + L_Cataclysm + When Dungeons Arise + Dungeon Crawl (roguelike dungeons) +Integrated Structures and Dungeons + More
👉 Silent Gear
👉 SimpleStorageNetwork (For those who just want to store and access items)
👉 Sophisticated Backpacks
👉 Spice of Life: Carrot Edition (Add up to 7 more hearts by eating food)
👉 Super Circuit Maker 2
👉 Tesseract
👉 Tons of progression in equipment (Hello Gobber)
👉 Wormholes

And so much more.....







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