Affinity Infinity Three

225 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 24, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Forget the tech mods. It's time to strip the packs we create of them.


This time we're going for a more Adventure themed experience.


The idea of this pack is basically to take the vanilla experience but add more places to adventure to such as 'The Betweenlands', 'Twilight Forest', the 'Abyssalcraft' dimensions along with 'The Midnight' and a little dash of magic from Thaumcraft.


On top of that are more ways to make the experience a bit more interesting with game changes using 'Scaling Health' to adjust the difficulty of mobs per X amount defeated. 'Tough As Nails' to give the player a more challenging time and several world generation additions from new biomes with 'Traverse' to dungeon based additions such as 'Roguelike Dungeons' and 'Deadly World'


If you're interested in this, then give this a try and let me know how we can improve it too!





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