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 Check out the wiki!https://github.com/valoeghese/Zoesteria/wiki

My Discord Serverhttps://discord.gg/ecpxmjt


For information on modpacks and reuploads see the bottom of the page.

Also note that, because of name changes, the mod id is still valoegheses_be

Please report any bugs or things you believe should be changed in later versions of Zoesteria 


If you make a video showcasing the mod, post the link either the comments, the discord, or message it to me, and I will put it here!


Low WoodlandsLow Woodlands

Low Tall Woodlands (1.2.3) Low Tall Woodlands

Woodlands Hills Woodlands Hills

High Woodlands High Woodlands

High Inhabited Woodlands High Inhabited Woodlands

Low Spruce Woodlands Low Spruce Woodlands

Northern Alps Northern Alps

Northern Snow Alps Northern Snow Alps

Wasteland Flats  Northern Subalpine Alps

Northern Snow Subalpine Alps Northern Snow Subalpine Alps

Wasteland Flats (small)Wasteland Flats

Wasteland Flats Slopes Wasteland Flats Slopes

Wasteland Flats Trees New Wasteland Flats Trees

Wasteland Flats Oasis Wasteland Flats Oasis

Orchid Fields Orchid Fields

Lowlands Lowlands

Lowlands Chapparal Lowlands Chapparal

Moorlands Moorlands

Highlands Highlands

Southern Alps Southern Alps

Extreme Southern Alps Extreme Southern Alps

Southern Alps Subalpine Southern Alps Subalpine

Australian Outback Australian Outback

Bluff Bluff

Mire Mire

White Woods White Woods

White Oaks White Oaks

White Woods Hills White Woods Hills

White Oaks Hills White Oaks Hills

If you actually read this please suggest a biome for me to add Snow Rocks

Snow Rocks Mountains Snow Rocks Mountains

Snow Rocks Plateau Snow Rocks Plateau

Sand Dunes Sand Dunes

Red Sand Dunes Red Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes M Sand Dunes M

Sand Dunes Oasis Sand Dunes Oasis

Grassy Fen Grassy Fen

Grassy Marshland Grassy Marshland

Archipelago Archipelago

Bush Bush

Bushland Hills Bushland Hills

Forested Hills Plateau Forested Canyon Plateau

Forested Canyon Plateau M Forested Canyon Plateau M

Forested Canyon Pillars Forested Canyon Pillars

Brushlands Brushlands

Brushlands Hills Brushlands Hills

Dense Brushlands Dense Brushlands

Hot Brushlands Hot Brushlands

Ghost Forest Ghost Forest

Barelands Barelands

Reef Stony Reef

Tropical Jungle Tropical Jungle

   [1.4 +] : The Zoesteria Biomes mod adds eleven major biome-types, each with multiple biomes, and nine minor biome-types (each a single biome):

    - Woodlands

Low Woodlands

  - All "Woodlands" sub-biomes list

- Low Woodlands: The most common variant. Only oak trees and at a higher density than the normal forest biome.
- Woodlands Hills: Less common. Like the low woodlands but hillier.
- High Woodlands: About as common as Woodlands Hills. Trees are less dense and the base height is higher. It is also slightly less sloped (though this is not conspicuous).
- High Inhabited Woodlands: One of the least common two. Slightly lower base height (not noticeably) and villages can spawn.
- Low Spruce Woodlands: Another of the least common two, this biome is like the low woodlands, but the temperature is slightly lower and all of the trees are the minecraft spruce tree (uses "WorldGenTaiga2")


Post alpha 1.2 variants:

Low Tall Woodlands: Variant of Low Woodlands characterised by the abundance of big oak trees. Wolves can spawn here.

      - Northern Alps (Based off the swiss alps)

Northern Alps

   - All "Northern Alps" sub-biomes list

Variants added in a1.1

- Northern Alps: The normal "alps" biome. Higher than extreme hills, and occasionally has rock instead of deep snow at the top. No trees spawn here. The only mobs that can spawn are skeletons.


Variants before a1.1

- Northern Snow Alps: (Just "Northern Alps" before a1.1) Like the Northern Alps, but with a snow layer on top.

     a1.1 tweaks: has boulders of stone that spawn.
- Northern Snow Subalpine Alps. Lower biome which can also generate trees. In addition to skeletons, wolves and sheep can spawn here.
- Northern Subalpine Alps. Like Northern Snow Subalpine Alps but slightly hillier and slightly lower, and no snow layer will spawn here.



   Major Biome-Types

    - Wasteland Flats

Wasteland Flats biome

   - All "Wasteland Flats" sub-biomes list

- Wasteland Flats: Flat biome covered in dead soil with occasional swamp trees. No peaceful mobs spawn here.
- Wasteland Flats Slopes: Hillier version of Wasteland Flats (yep, the name is ironic)
- Wasteland Flats Trees: Like Wasteland Flats, but deadbush generate and there is an increased number of swamp trees. Pigs can sometimes spawn here.
- Wasteland Flats Oasis: Completely different to the regular wasteland flats: Made of grass, wet soil, and water. Palm trees and "Oasis Trees" spawn here in addition to small shrubs and dirt mounds. Animals spawn here as normal.



    Minor Biome-Types

    - Orchid Fields

Orchid Fields

         - Orchid Fields: Plains biome filled with orchids and occasional shrubs



    Major Biome-Types

    - Grasslands


   - All "Grasslands" sub-biomes list

- Lowlands: Lush grassland down low to the ground. Hillier than a plains biome. No trees will naturally generate here.

- Highlands: Lush high grassland, much flatter than the lowlands. Trees do not naturally occur here.

- Moorlands: Damp high grassland, similar to the highlands. Bushes and small rocks will generate here, as well as tulips and orchids.

After public alpha 1.3:

Lowlands Chapparal: Drier, hillier grassland populated with tall flowers and leafy shrubs.

     - Southern Alps (based of the New Zealand mountain range of this name)

Southern Alps

       - All "Southern Alps" sub-biomes list

- Southern Alps: High snow-covered hilly mountains, with rock underneath. Only spiders and strays spawn here.

- Extreme Southern Alps: Like the regular "Southern Alps" biome, but hillier.

- Southern Alps Subalpine: High, flat, cool, and grassy landscape. Bushes generate here.

    Minor Biome-Types

      Australian Outback

Australian Outback       Australian Outback: Subtropical desert area of red sand and grass. Boulders of red sandstone built to appear like a mini-uluru generate here. In newer versions brush-bushes generate here.

         - BluffBluff

         - Bluff: Extreme Mountainous biome which generates with blocks of grass and cobblestone at the surface. Unique "bluff pines" are found here.

                ~The biome has a slight difference depending on your 'z' coordinate.



         Mire: Marshland of dense stripped oak trees and populous underwater clay. Covered in podzol, coarse dirt, wet soil, and some grass.



    Major Biome-Types - Christmas Addition

      - White Woods

Oaks White

      - All "White Woods" sub-biomes list:

- White Woods: Cold and snowy coniferous woodland with occasional oaks and bushes.

- White Oaks: Cold and snowy oaken woodland with some low bushes.

- White Woods Hills: Hillier White Woods.

- White Oaks Hills: Hillier White Oaks.

    - Snow Rocks

Rocks Snow

       All "Snow Rocks" sub-biomes list:

Snow Rocks: Snowy plains littered with small and large rocks.

Snow Rocks Mountains: Hilly Snow Rocks.

Snow Rocks Plateau: Like the Snow Rocks biome, but on a plateau.

   Major Biome-Types - Standard

    - Sand Dunes

Dunes Sand

       All "Sand Dunes" sub-biomes list:

Sand Dunes: Hilly sand-covered land with a hot climate.

Red Sand Dunes: Like the Sand Dunes, but with red sand.

Sand Dunes M: Extreme Mountainous hot sand-covered land.

Sand Dunes Oasis: Low lying oasis with an abundancy of palm trees.

    - Grassy Wetland

Fen Grassy

      All "Grassy Wetlands" sub-biomes list:

Grassy Fen: Low and slightly hilly wetland. No trees generate here and lilypads naturally occur. Ground is covered in grass and some wet soil.

[1.3.2+] Grassy Marshland: Almost-Flat wetland covered in grass and wet soil with no trees and some lilypads.

    Minor Biomes

     - Archipelago (1.3.2+)

Archipelago LargeImage

         - Archipelago: Ocean-Islands style biome with islands covered in palms.



    Major Biome-Types

      - Bush


     All "Bush" sub-biomes list:

Bush: Low flat-ish and dense forest based off of New Zealand's forests, with "Manuka" based trees and low shrubs. Ferns sometimes appear here.

Bushland Hills: Hilly, dense forest based off of New Zealand's forests similar to the regular "Bush"

Forested Canyon Plateau: Flat, plateau variation of "Bush"

Forested Canyon Plateau M: Hillier plateau variation of "Bush"

Forested Canyon Pillars: Mostly low-lying dense bushland of shrubs and "Manuka" on grass and podzol with pillars of rock coming out of the ground.

   - Brushlands


     All "Brushlands" sub-biomes list:

Brushlands: Low lying plains littered with scrub/brush-like bushes

Brushlands Hills: Hilly variant of the Brushlands

Dense Brushlands: Variant of Brushlands with an increased density of brush bushes

Hot Brushlands: Variant of Brushlands found in a desert environment

  Minor Biome-Types

     - Ghost Forest


       - Ghost Forest: Foggy, grey and rare jungle-like biome in which the player cannot sprint.

     - Barelands


       Barelands: Grey and desolate wasteland style biome.

     - Stony Reef

Stony Reef Large

       Stony Reef: Shallow ocean with a floor of gravel and stone. Palms occasionally form on shores.

     - Tropical Jungle

Tropical Jungle Large

       - Tropical Jungle: Less dense Jungle biome with occasional clay path-like structures on the floor.


ORES AND MATERIALS Feel free to give me suggestions on how I can add uses for these ores.

Three new ores and their materials are added: 

    - Vanadium

       Whitey-Green ore. Used for decoration and armour.

        - Vanadium Ore

        - Vanadium Ingot

        Vanadium Nugget

              Vanadium Chain

           Recipe for Vanadium Chain

        - Vanadium Chain Chestplate

           Vanadium Chain Chestplate Recipe

    - Sulphur 

       Spawns as a yellow-tinged andesite based material. Most common of the ores. Uses as seen in the "other" section.

    - Saltpeter

       Looks like a lighter gravel with white specks that does not fall. Saltpeter is:

             - One of the ingredients of gunpowder (as noted in the "other" section)

             - A fertilizer, like bone meal

             - Able to fertilize dead soil into becoming regular dirt



    - Combining two saltpeter and one sulphur in a crafting area creates two gunpowder.

  - Revamped TNT

       - Craft coal into filtered coal first

       - Then smelt filtered coal to get coal products. These can be right-clicked to get Coke Fuel and Toluol

       - Combine Toluol with Nitric Acid (found on broken-down trade ships) to get Trinitrotoluene, The main ingredient of a new, more powerful TNT.   


        - Ore Chances can be modified in Zoesteria/oreChances.cfg

        - Biome Weights can be modified through other configs in the Zoesteria folder

        - Structure rarities can be modified through configs in the Zoesteria folder

   - Optional "Smooth" world type for smoother terrain! (ID: Smooth)

   - 2 Creative tabs!

         - Zoesteria Plants

         - Zoeseria Miscellaneous

    - Beach Gen:

         - Beaches generate with spinifex grass

         - Past a certain X and Z boundary, pohutukawa trees will generate


Feel free to make suggestions that match the mod's goal and are not overpowered, as this mod is not constrained to what I have in mind for it.




    - Fixed crash on launch! Sorry for the inconvenience :)


a1.4.9: Feature Saturday 2

    - World Gen:

        - Leaf Carpet. Generates in woodland biomes.

        - Removed standard bushes from low spruce woodlands

         - Island Palm (found in Archipelagos) and custom Palm Wood!

    - Changes

         - New saltpeter texture! Made by artist JaceWithTheRedVans!

         - Oasis palm renamed to Queen Palm

         - Improved "gunpowder explosive" (vanilla tnt) texture

         - Saltpeter now spawns with some gravel

     - Internal (might push new code to GitHub in a couple of days)

          - Wood registry system so I can easily add wood types

          - Altered some tree generation code to allow for noise-based leaf carpet generation

          - Removed an unused recipe


a1.4.8: Feature Saturday 1

    - World Gen

        - Fallen logs in woodland biomes

        - Small bushes which drop sticks (and some drop berries!)

        - Ocean Palm can generate on beaches within a certain z range, past a certain x boundary

    - Bush Berries!

    - Change to Manuka Sapling texture

    - Grassy Wetland:

         - The only passive mob in Grassy Fen is now chickens

         - Slimes spawn in Grassy Marshland

     - Bug Fixes

         - Ghost tree slabs stack

         - Bushes more common in Orchid Fields

         - Many leaves now render sides through other leaves

         - Manuka leaves show an item texture

      - Probably some more stuff which I have forgotten


a1.4.7: Feature Friday 4

    - Trees

        - Ocean palms! They spawn in Archipelagos along with Oasis palms, and as the only palm in Stony Reef

        - Manuka trees have custom leaves and saplings!

        - A change to the rendering of some leaves. Will probably extend this to all leaves later.

    - Custom planks can now be crafted into fences

    - Ghost trees have custom planks, slabs, and stairs now.

    - Moorlands rocks generate differently



    - Registered Hot Brushlands as a desert biome, rather than a warm biome (fix)



    - Minor change of highlands and moorlands biome while I work on changing their generation

    - Created configuration files for the rest of the existing biomes, and two more for some biomes which will be released in bet

    - Fixed a bug where a type of grass wouldn't generate in Hot Brushlands



    - Removed testing console code for oasis palms.

    - Changed mod description in game (if not it's because I changed it while the mod was building)



    - Changed growing mechanics for Oasis Palm



    - Fixed problem where saplings weren't ticking, preventing natural growth

    - Increased chance of leaves dropping saplings (aside from ghost leaves)


a1.4.5: Feature Friday 3

    - Biome Changes:

          - Grassy Marshland looks more like a marshland (code rewrite for biome)

    - Saltpeter Changes:

          - Saltpeter can be used:

                    - As a fertilizer (like bonemeal)

                    - To change dead soil into regular dirt (this was in a1.4.4_03 too but I decided not to remove it)

    - Bug Fixes

          - Fixed ZMC-5 "Crash on [pohutukawa-2] load"



    - Changes

          - Coal must now be crafted into filtered coal before making coal products

          - New config for enabling ores

          - Tooltips on some items

    - Fixes

         - Coke Fuel smelts correct number of items

         - Lots more probably if I remember any I'll update this


a1.4.4_02: Feature Friday 2b

    - Pohutukawa spawn in correct location


a1.4.4_01: Feature Friday 2a

    - Bug Fixes

          - ZMC-4 Render causing crash server side

          - Bug where trees spawned by saplings would destroy non-air blocks

          - Bug where pohutukawa saplings could not be placed next to each other on sand


a1.4.4: Feature Friday 2

    - New Trees

          - Once you pass a certain x and z boundary, pohutukawa trees will start generating on the beach

          - Saplings only exist for the small variant

    - Biome Changes

          - Hot Brushlands now generates with a new type of grassy soil on top of dead soil

          - Highlands have a higher height variation

    - Other

          - New Pine Wood for Bluff Pines

          - Pohutukawa leaves in three forms: normal, buds, flowers

          - Right clicking on the flowered pohutukawa leaves drops the flower form

                - These can be crafted back on to the leaves

    - (Code and organisation neatened up)


a1.4.3_02: Feature Friday 1b

    - Attempt to fix ZMC-4


a1.4.3_01: Feature Friday 1a

    - Creative Tabs!

           - Zoesteria Plants

           - Zoesteria Miscellaneous


a1.4.3: Feature Friday 1

    - New Plants on beaches:

         - Spinifex Grass

         - Tall Spinifex Grass

    - Custom leaves and saplings:

         - Bluff pine leaves and sapling created

         -  Custom variant of Evil Tree created for its sapling

    - Texture Changes

          - Altered texture of Oasis Palm Sapling slightly

    - Bug Fixes

         - Fixed an unmarked bug where the Evil Tree Sapling would generate a palm tree [untested, known from code]



    - Bug Fixes

         - Fixed ZMC-3 courtesy of RedstoneTim

    - mcmod.info

         - Credited those who suggested biomes



    - Texture Changes

          - Changed sulphur ore texture to be yellower

          - Changed main menu texture to a custom one.

               - Feel free to let me know what you think of it.

    - Changed some code to make adding configs more efficient

    - Known Bugs

          - ZMC-3 EntityTrueTNT doesn't render model



    - Recipes

          - Ghost Log can now be turned into planks (spruce)

    - Config

          - Structure rarity configs for Uluru and Ships

    - Known Bugs

          - ZMC-3 EntityTrueTNT doesn't render model



    - New Major Biomes:

          - Bush (Bush, Bushland hills, Forested Canyon Plateau, Forested Canyon Plateau M, Forested Canyon Pillars)

          - Brushlands (Brushlands, Brushlands Hills, Dense Brushlands, Hot Brushlands)

    - New Minor Biomes:

          - Ghost Forest (Note you currently cannot sprint in the biome. Don't know if I will keep this or mark as a bug)

          - Barelands

          - Stony Reef

          - Tropical Jungle

    - New Trees (No sapling for many)

           - Evil Tree (WorldGenEvilTree & WorldGenEvilTree2) (No planks - will be fixed next update)

           - Brush

           - Manuka Tree

    - Changes to biomes

           - Alps biomes and Highlands are higher.

           - Brush in Australian Outback

     - New Configs

     - New Optional World Type:

          - "Smooth" (Larger x and z noise stretch, less lakes and lava lakes)

     - Known Bugs

            - ZMC-3 EntityTNTTrue does not render


[SNAPSHOT] a1.3.3//a1.4 pre-1

   - No new biomes yet... I'm working on them ;)

    - Structures

         - Broken-down trade ships can be found in Archipelagos, Oceans, and Rivers

         - These boats contain chests which can contain products such as Toluol and Nitric Acid

    - "Coal Products"

          - Right click this item to get Coke Fuel and Toluol

          - Uses and recipes can be seen below

    - Crafting:

        - Coal and Charcoal can be smelted to create coal products (use seen above)

        - Toluol and Nitric Acid can be combined to create Trinitrotoluene

        -  A powerful TNT can be crafted with Trinitrotoluene, Planks, and Gunpowder. For now, use a mod such as JEI to see the exact recipe.

    - Changes to TNT and related items

         - Normal minecraft TNT is again renamed "Gunpowder Explosive"

         - A new, more powerful TNT explosive is crafted as explained above.

    - Changes to biomes

         - Altered height variation and base height in Grassy Marshland and Archipelago 

    - Config

          - Customisable biome weights for Orchid Fields, Bluff, Australian Outback, Mire, and the Lowlands Biomes



    - Biome Additions

          - Grassy Fen is now part of a major biome category "Grassy Wetland"

                - The other biome in this category is "Grassy Marshland"

          - Minor biome "Archipelago"

    - Biome Changes

          - Wasteland Flats Trees now has more trees. Some of these are stripped logs.

          - Grassy fen height tweaked

          - Lilypads generate in Grassy Wetland type biomes

          - Saltpeter generates as low as y=50 (used to be y=55)

    - If 1.3 biomes are disabled in the master config, the game can now still recognise them.



    - Made Oasis palm sapling texture in hand 2D (registered texture separately)



   - Biome Additions: Christmas Snow Addition

        - White Woods (White Oaks, White Oaks Hills, White Woods, White Woods Hills)

        - Snow Rocks (Snow Rocks, Snow Rocks Mountains, Snow Rocks Plateau)

   - Biome Additions - Standard:

         - Sand Dunes (Sand Dunes, Red Sand Dunes, Sand Dunes M, Sand Dunes Oasis)

         - Minor Biome: Grassy Fen

   - Lowlands Chapparal in Grasslands Category

   - Biome Changes:

          - Increased height variation in Lowlands

          - Lowered grass in lowlands and highlands

          - Increased height of alps biomes

          - Increased low woodlands density

          - Increased trees in Wasteland Flats Trees

          - Decreased podzol in mire

          - Lowered rocks in Northern Snow Subalpine Alps

          - Increased cacti in Australian Outback

   - Config

        - Configs for one of the new biomes

        - Master config to disable a1.3 biomes



    - Ore Dictionary

        - Registered ores in the ore dictionary

    - Biomes

        - Upped height variation slightly in the mire



   - Changes to Biomes

       - Deepened the Mire biome slightly

       - Decreased wolves spawn chance in Low Tall Woodlands

       - Created a new tree type for Low Tall Woodlands

   - Trees

      - Custom large oak tree for Low Tall Woodlands

   - Added a sEEEcret easter egg :)




         - Renamed mcmod.info name to just Zoesteria Biomes. This change is purely aesthetic.

    - Bug Fixes

         - Changed code in Woodlands Hills in order to fully resolve ZMC-2



     - Textures

         - Updated Dead soil, Wet soil, and Sulphur Ore textures


         - Wasteland Flats, Northern Alps, and Southern Alps weights are all now configurable.

     - Lang files

         - Kellixon created a russian lang file! Thank you!

         - TNT is now still called "TNT" until I release an update with my new TNT.

     - Fixes

          - Changed tree generation code for woodland based biomes. One of these changes is in order to try resolve ZMC-2.



    - Config

        - Added a new config to enable or disable structures, found at Zoesteria/structureConfig.cfg

    - Bug Fixes

        - Replaced scala library with java equivalent in ModStructures.java in order to fix bug ZMC-1



    - 2 New Major Biomes

         - Grasslands (Highland, Moorland, Lowland)

         - Southern Alps (Southern Alps, Extreme Southern Alps, Southern Alps Subalpine)

    - 3 New Minor Biomes

         - Australian Outback

         - Bluff

         - Mire

    - 1 New Woodland Sub-Biome

         - Low Tall Woodlands

    - Changes to exitsting biomes

         - Lowered default spawn chances of some biomes, notably woodland-based biomes.

         - Tweaked Northern Alps height

         - Reduced trees per chunk in low spruce woodlands.

    - Trees

         - Generated:

              - Bluff Pine, Stripped Oak

         - Oasis Palm now comes with a custom leaves and sapling! (the latter is still slightly buggy... but not to worry)

     - Config

         - Woodlands Biomes Spawn weights are now customisable!

               - The file is located in Zoesteria/biomeWoodlandWeights.cfg



- Wasteland Flats Oasis changes:

     - Now contains actual palm trees

     - More trees in Wasteland Flats Oasis

- Ore chances:

     - Default weights for Saltpeter and Sulphur decreased

     - Can now be modified! file location: Zoesteria/oreChances

  Somewhere from 23/11/18 to 29/11/18


- Added Orchid Fields biome

- Increased frequency of Wasteland Flats

- Reduced water in Wasteland Flats Oasis



- Changes to Biomes:

        - "Northern Alps" renamed to "Northern Snowy Alps"

        - The "Northern Alps" name now refers to a variant without a snow layer

        - "Northern Snowy Alps" spawns with boulders of rock

        - Decreased frequency of some biomes, most notably "Low Woodlands"

        - NEW BIOME: "Wasteland Flats." Comes in four variants

              - "Wasteland Flats,"

              - "Wasteland Flats Trees,"

              - "Wasteland Flats Slopes,"

              - "Wasteland Flats Oasis."

                 (Specific details in information above).

- Materials:

        - Vanadium can now be crafted into vanadium chains

        - 7 vanadium chains and one vanadium ingot in a chestplate shape make a vanadium chain chestplate.

- Other:

        - Support for differences and tweaks for all of: en_us, en_gb, en_au, and en_nz languages

        - Everything in Public Alpha 1.0.3


a1.0.3 - Fixed problem from a1.0.2 where I forgot to update the project info for the version (facepalm) 30/10/18

a1.0.2 - Fixed problem from previous upload where I uploaded the wrong build 30/10/18

a1.0.1 - Updated mod description to fit new name "zoesteria" 30/10/18

a1.0 - Uploaded mod 29/10/18


 Name Changes before public alpha:

  1. Valoeghese's Biome Expansions

  2. WEDIC (whatever did I create)

  3. Valoeghese's Basic Expansions

  4. Zoestra // Valoeghese's Basic Expansions (still called this in the code of a1.0)

  5. Zoestra

  6. Zoestra Biomes

  7. Zoesteria Biomes (successfully updated code to match this in a1.0.2)

  8. Zoesteria (some time around june-july 2019, when I released a1.4.10)




So: for most of you this means you can put this in your modpack.