YUNG's Law (Forge)

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This project was a commission. I am no longer actively supporting it.YUNG's Law


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Thou shalt not strip mine. 


This mod effectively prevents strip mining, encouraging you to explore some juicy caves instead.

Two different modes to choose from: Replacement Mode and Ore Deletion Mode.


Replacement Mode [Default]: Replaces all underground blocks that aren't close to a cave with obsidian (or block of your choice), effectively preventing strip mining.

Ore Deletion Mode: Simply removes ores that aren't near caves, rather than replacing all blocks. The block used for replacement is determined by the biome's filler block, usually stone. With this mode you can still make cool underground bases!


This mod is highly configurable. You can change:

  • the block used for replacement,
  • the distance from caves at which to begin replacing,
  • the max altitude,
  • and much more!


There are also options for dimension whitelisting!

Dimension-specific configs are supported! See the wiki for more information.


Ore Deletion Mode supports ores from the following mods:

  • Quark
  • Applied Energistics 2

Want support for another mod? Request it on Discord!

Note that even if a mod isn't explicity supported, you can easily add its blocks to the Ore Whitelist in the config for the same effect!!


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