You're an Expert, Harry!

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You're an Expert, Harry!

A New Age of Expert Modpacks

By the Spirit of Quat

 In ages long past, veteran "mod-adventurers" plunged into the world of Minecraft Forum and bravely deleted META-INF in a quest to make mods work together and not crash regularly. Benevolent "mod makers" like Direwolf20 produced collections of mods for us, but even these were fraught with webs of uncertainty. Then came the age of "modpack launchers" like KakerMix and Slowpoke101, which brutally murdered any mods they didn't like by not including them. Over time, other launchers like Jadedcat, TheCazadoreSniper, and Qvist recruited "modders" like CraftTweaker and MCreator to create difficulty the likes of which mod-adventurers had never seen.

Then, one day, a strange, unknown mod called Quat1024 changed everything. The mod named Spirit followed and ruined it all.

Excerpt from The History of Vanilla by a confused historian.

TL;DR: There are simple default settings waiting in your config folder. Launch a modpack with YAEH installed, run the command /youreanexpertharry, and reload Minecraft to start your random expert adventure.

Tired of waiting for the next big expert modpack? Download You're an Expert, Harry, enter a new world, run the command, "/youreanexpertharry", and wait about 5 seconds. Then, behold, in your scripts folder will appear several shiny new scripts containing a full-fledged expert modpack! YAEH will automatically detect which mods you have installed and generate recipes in kind. (Restrictions may apply. Good expert modpack not guaranteed. Settings may not suit user's preferences. Modpack may not be comprehensible.)  

A convenient config file (of the evil species JSON) has been populated with the barebones of a progression tree that's only there to ensure that you don't get any endless loops. Use it—and change it—wisely.


  • "goal_items": Items that players will have to craft to win your pack.
  • "banned_items": Items that will never appear in a recipe.
  • "base_items": Items that will have their original crafting recipe.
    • Use these so that, if the mod gets to tier 1 and doesn't provide recipes for all the tier 1 ingredients, the mod will use base items to craft them.
    • Like iron ingots. No recipes will be removed for iron ingots—the mod will use them to provide recipes to otherwise recipe-less items.
  • "heck_methods": Available recipes and the tiers at which they are applicable.
  • "top_difficulty": The top tier of your modpack, where all un-tiered goal items go.
  • For each goal, banned, and base item, you can add a tier number.
  • If you put a goal item in tier 2, the item will be given a recipe in tier 2. It may show up in recipes in tiers 3 and up.
    • For example, if you put the runic altar method in tiers 3-5 and make the runic altar, livingrock, and the wand of the forest to be goal items in tier 2, you can guarantee that runic altar recipes are craftable in tier 3.
  • If you put a banned item in tier 4, the item will be banned in tiers 4 and up and can't show up until a lower tier.
    • For example... uh, I don't have any use-cases for this, actually.
  • If you put a base item in tier 3, the item will be banned in tier 2 and 1, but it can be used in tiers 3 and up.
    • For example, if you put gaia spirits as base items in tier 4 and make all the items required for the Guardian of Gaia ritual goal items for tier 3, you know that players will be able to get gaia spirits, and the modpack will make recipes with gaia spirits in tiers 4 and up.

List of Heck Methods

  • shapeless_2x2: Shapeless 2x2 recipe with 4 random items
  • shaped_3x3: Shaped 3x3 recipe with 9 random items
  • butterfly_shaped_3x3: Vertically symmetrical 3x3 recipe with 6 random items
  • square_shaped_3x3: Rotationally symmetric 3x3 with 3 random items
  • furnace: Smelting recipe

Botania (requires ModTweaker):

  • mana_infusion: One item -> one item with a random mana cost between that of manasteel and mana diamonds.
  • mana_alchemy: Same as mana infusion but requires the alchemy catalyst.
  • runic_altar: 1-9 inputs, 1 output with a random mana cost between that of elemental and sin runes.
  • elven_trade: 1-2 inputs, 1 output.
  • petal_apothecary: 1-9 inputs, 1 output. 

With Botania Tweaks:

  • basic_agglomeration: 3 items -> 1 item with a random mana cost from 1/5 of terrasteel to the cost of terrasteel.
  • advanced_agglomeration: Basic agglomeration but it also creates a custom multiblock for the agglomeration plate that resets to the traditional agglomeration plate every time you craft.

Help me add new methods!

It's easy! If you know how to code mods. No, seriously. This wiki will tell you how to add mod compatibility and new methods.

Real Disclaimer:

Although Quat1024 made the basic framework of the mod, I wanted to expand it. He told me to steal it take it for myself take responsibility for improving this monstrosity. I technically own it now (unfortunately).