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This is a port/remake/??? of Vazkii's I Win Button because the joke is still funny, darn it.


Build a 9x9x9 multiblock out of diamond blocks and a single beacon in the middle. Then put any vanilla button on the center of one of the faces and press itCongrats!!!!!!!!!!! You have now WON MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!


List of prizes for winning:


  • win every advancement
  • spam chat with the fact that you won
  • win creative mode
  • win an inventory full of diamonds (or whatever item is set in the settings)
  • win the love and affection of every loaded entity on the server
  • win a screenful of fireworks (uses fireworks code that I stoled form EnderCore btw)
  • win operator status on the server
  • win every potion effect
  • win a butt load of slimes
  • nuke everyone's speakers who is playing on the server (every vanilla sound at the same time)
  • win a /title with ur name on it so EVERYONE KNOWS YOU WON

If you think some of the prizes are too overpowered, well you're WRONG, since it is a MULTIBLOCK and it uses a NETHER STAR and DIAMONDS!!!!!!

but you can turn them off if you hate yourself and your players gooooSHHH, wouldn't you want to reward all that effort?


You can also change out the blocks required for the multiblock in the config file if they are too balanced and doesn't require enough effort.


(Vazkii gets 100% of curse points from this btw)


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