2x2 Stair & Slab recipes

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This mod has been updated to Minecraft 1.12.  Please see https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/cplpibalds-tweaks




This mod adds new recipes for slabs and stairs in your game that can be used without a crafting table.  Great for builders working with slabs and stairs who don't want to constantly climb down to find a workbench.  It also adds recipes to convert slabs and stairs back into their base materials, and changes vanilla wooden and stone pressure plates to require slabs instead of full blocks.


For each material the mod finds:

  • Add a 2x1 slab recipe to yield 4 slabs, in addition to the usual 3x1 that yields 6
  • Add a shapeless recipe to convert 2 slabs -> 1 block
  • Add a 2x2 stair recipe to convert 3 blocks -> 4 stairs
  • Add a shapeless recipe to convert 4 stairs -> 3 blocks

Note that the stairs recipe is more efficient than the standard 6 -> 4 stairs recipe.  One of the biggest complaints about stairs in Minecraft is that they have .75 block worth of material, but cost 1.5 blocks to create.  This makes a stair use .75 blocks of material to create.


All vanilla slabs and stairs and most mod-added blocks are detected automatically with no configuration.


Technical details:


The mod searches the recipe list for anything that looks like a stairs recipe (6 identical blocks in the lower left diagonal) or a 1x3 slab recipe (3 identical blocks in a row).  The raw material must derive from ItemBlock.


Known issues:


Currently only slab and stair recipes derived from Minecraft's ShapedRecipes class are checked.  These are the default registered by most mods using GameRegistry.addRecipe().  If a mod adds slab and stair recipes using Forge's ShapedOreRecipe, they are not currently detected.


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