Worse Barrels

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Worse Barrels is an opinionated barrel mod.



I've found a lot of "barrel" mods aren't really to my satisfaction; mainly because they can hold hundreds, even thousands or tens-of-thousands of stacks of items in just one block space. Some even provide wireless item transport, sorting, or even basic autocrafting functionality. While these features - don't get me wrong! - are great, and extremely convenient, I'm just not a player that enjoys things being convenient. Give me challenges to store and manipulate that many items. Make me work for it. Don't let me just throw upgrades at the wall until all my problems go away.


...And thus, Worse Barrels. These barrels suck, and it's by design. They hold eight stacks of items, period, full stop, the end. There are no upgrades. The size is not configurable, nor will it ever be. Their intended use is less "Store all of my cobblestone, ever, in the whole world", and more as a small item buffer, filter, or front-end for a larger storage unit somewhere else, that you can bring the items to for convenient one-click access. But hey, you can nest them, so it's not like compact item storage is completely impossible.


It's just not going to be easy.



  • Hold 8 stacks of items!
  • Come in all 6 varieties of vanilla wood, 16 colors of concrete, and 16 colors of stained terracotta!
  • Placeable in 12 directions! (You can rotate them on the ceiling and floor, how neat is that?)
  • Really ugly textures please help.
  • Your usual barrely interactions. Insert and remove items manually, by clicking the front, or automatically.
  • Client-side only configuration for the controls to insert and remove items, if the defaults aren't to your liking.
  • Read the contents with a comparator.
  • Shulker-box like interactions: it holds its contents when broken or crushed, and can be placed with a dispenser.
  • Barrels with the same contents stack in your inventory!
  • Config options for stacksize (when full and when empty), and for the nesting depth.

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