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Filename world_blender-1.15.2-1.2.2.jar
Uploaded by telepathicgrunt
Uploaded Mar 7, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
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MD5 9cbad62c4ba2d198d62031451514912d
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   (V.1.2.2 Changes) (1.15.2 Minecraft)


   Importing Features: 

-Fixed a crash with importing a certain kind of modded feature.

-Fixed some vanilla trees being sneaky and still spawning when turning off vanilla features config.



-End Spikes and End Podium can only be turned off now by putting their resource location into the feature blacklist due to them being needed for Enderdragon fights. Basically, this is to reduce the chance of people accidentally turning them off when turning off other features and if they really don't want the spike or podium, they have to explicitly tell the game to not spawn it.              



   (V.1.2.1 Changes) (1.15.2 Minecraft)



  • Fixed bug where portal block that are player-made cannot be removed by crouch right-clicking with empty hand.



  • End Spikes (Obsidian pillars) will now not be removed when turning off vanilla features config as it is needed for the Enderdragon and is a good way to visually mark world origin.



  • Removed the log spam caused by World Blender when Dimension Dungeons is generating in the dimension.



    (V.1.2.0 Changes) (1.15.2 Minecraft)


     Importing Features: 

  • -Added dedicated support for Dimensional Dungeons mod!
  • -Added dedicated support for TerraForged mod!
  • -Fixed bug where Ocean Monuments would never spawn.
  • -Fixed bug where turning off config for features could cause structures to not spawn.



  • -Added option to spawn Enderdragon at world origin in this dimension! (Set to false by default in configs as it is highly experimental)



  • -Added the ability to blacklist mods, biomes, structures, features, carvers, entities, and surfaces from being import into World Blender.
  • -Added option to print out the resource location (IDs) into a file called resourceLocationDump.txt so you can target certain features or biomes to blacklist easier.
  • -Added option to spawn Enderdragon or not at world origin. (false by default)



  • -Made World Blender Portal slightly less intense on the eyes add just a tad less laggy.
  • -World Blender Portal now has the Dragon Immune, Impermeable, Portals, and Wither Immune tags.
  • -Slightly reduced collision box of World Blender Portal so you have to go more into it to teleport rather than graze the surface of the block.