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Filename world_blender-1.14.4-1.2.1.jar
Uploaded by telepathicgrunt
Uploaded Mar 7, 2020
Game Version Forge
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    (V.1.2.1 Changes) (1.14.4 Minecraft) 



·Fixed crash at startup when trying to use this mod with Quark. However, most of Quark's stuff aren't actually tied to biomes or registries so you won't find their caves in the blended world. Sorry. Their mod is not made to be mod compatible.



    (V.1.2.0 Changes) (1.14.4 Minecraft)   


    Importing Features: 

-Added dedicated support for DimDungeon mod!

-Added option to spawn Enderdragon at world origin in this dimension! (Set to false by default in configs as it is highly experimental) 



-Added the ability to blacklist mods, biomes, structures, features, carvers, entities, and surfaces from being import into World Blender.

-Added option to print out the resource location (IDs) into a file called resourceLocationDump.txt so you can target certain features or biomes to blacklist easier.

-Added option to spawn Enderdragon or not at world origin. (false by default)



-Made World Blender Portal slightly less intense on the eyes.

-World Blender Portal now has the Dragon Immune, Impermeable, Portals, and Wither Immune tags.

-Reduced collision box of World Blender Portal so you have to go more into it to teleport rather than graze the surface of the block.