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196K Downloads Updated Oct 18, 2019 Created Mar 10, 2019

A mod about decoration, for MC 1.14.4

1.3M Downloads Updated Oct 3, 2019 Created Aug 31, 2014

Adding dinosaurs and archeology into Minecraft!

928K Downloads Updated Jul 3, 2017 Created Jun 29, 2014

This mod makes pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, carrots, and potatoes drop from tall grass at...

1.1M Downloads Updated Oct 7, 2019 Created Apr 26, 2017

Add 2 kinds of rounded pillar shaped and extensible "normal" blocks that perfectly fit to...

4.1M Downloads Updated Sep 30, 2018 Created Jun 29, 2015

Grow & Harvest all your resources!

3.6M Downloads Updated May 6, 2015 Created Jun 15, 2013

Allows players to chop down trees by breaking a single log.

2.5M Downloads Updated Mar 31, 2017 Created Oct 14, 2013

A look into minecraft with a splash of magic...

145K Downloads Updated Sep 20, 2019 Created Jul 9, 2019

A mod that improves the content in Update Aquatic.

815K Downloads Updated Oct 13, 2019 Created Aug 6, 2014

Blue Power adds a variety of ways to manipulate and transport blocks and redstone signals...

383K Downloads Updated Jul 4, 2019 Created Dec 16, 2017

You must sift through the ashes of the dead to restore life to the world.

3.4M Downloads Updated Jun 19, 2018 Created Aug 24, 2016

Adds More Bees to Forestry

134K Downloads Updated Sep 17, 2019 Created Aug 8, 2019

A mod, that adds lucky ores, similiar to lucky blocks, that generate random events once...

886K Downloads Updated Jun 13, 2017 Created Mar 2, 2016

Ore Tweaker is a utility mod that allows you to disable and change the rules...

1.4M Downloads Updated Sep 10, 2019 Created May 18, 2015

Core Mod for other Lucraft-Mods!

1.2M Downloads Updated Aug 9, 2019 Created Mar 30, 2016

The ultimate companion skyblock mod supporting a ton of other mods! Obtain everything from nearly...

1.7M Downloads Updated Jan 1, 2016 Created Jun 24, 2013

ExtrabiomesXL is a mod for Minecraft which adds new biomes that enhance game play and...

453K Downloads Updated Aug 4, 2018 Created Dec 3, 2017

Apply a custom Rightclick behavior to any block!

803K Downloads Updated Jul 31, 2019 Created Mar 3, 2017

An add-on exploration with custom planets for Galacticraft!

1.8M Downloads Updated May 5, 2015 Created Mar 24, 2015

Grow & Harvest all your resources!

868K Downloads Updated Sep 25, 2017 Created Jul 15, 2017

Extension of Corail Pillar Mod for Chisel Mod