White Rabbit

6,345 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 11, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

This Fabric mod adds a food and a drink that change the size of the player that consumes it.


Drinking Pishsalver will make you smaller (half your size each time you drink it by default) and eating Upelkuchen will make you larger (double your size each time you eat it by default).


The items can also be put in a Dispenser which will resize any entity in front of it when activated.


Recipes can be unlocked in the vanilla recipe book once you pick up Sweet Berries.


Several settings are configurable, including the resizing multiplier for each item, the minimum and maximum scale, and the time it takes for your size to change.


Please post issues on the issue tracker on GitHub and not in the comments.


Feel free to use it in any modpacks.


This mod should NOT be reposted to any mod rehosting websites UNLESS no files are copied over and the download is linked back to CurseForge.



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