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Weighted Inventories

Weighted inventories is about adding weight mechanics into the minecraft game for the player. This makes steve limited on the amount of items/blocks he can pick up. If he happens to have too much in his inventory from trying to cheat he drops it. The heavier you are the slower you get.



This is a complete re-write off of weighted inventories from mc 1.3.2. It's gotten a better and Semi more Dynamic System and is highly configurable along with things actually working this time. It encourages the use of minecarts and general watchingness of your inventory weight. 


This highly encourages people to use minecart with chest and furnaces for transportation and storage.



Weight and Effects

Introducing weight. The heaver you are the slower and more difficult minecraft gets

Medium Weight@50%: 
Mining Fatigue II
Slower when walking
Can Barley Float

Heavy Weight@75%: 
Weakness I and Mining Fatigue III
Slower when walking but, not too bad 
Can't Float

Too Heavy@90%: 
Weakness II and Mining Fatigue IV
Sinks Like A Rock!


Features Ideas/Request are welcome 
Note: I will not be porting till mc 1.13(waiting for stable mc version with acceptable ids for modpack making)