Web Slinger

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Spiders shoot webbing at you - slinging webs from a distance, or when they hit you in melee!

Be careful! This makes spiders more difficult foes, since you get stuck in the webbing.


Web Slinger example 

See the wiki for more information.

Requires Wumple Util Library.


  1. How to I make my mod's spiders also sling webs?  There are several different options:
    1. In the mod configuration, add the mob to the Slinging:slingers list.
    2. Add the webslinger:webslinger capability to the mob.
    3. Subclass EntitySpider for your new spider - see EntityCaveSpider in vanilla MC for an example.
    4. Adding the AIWebbingAttack task to an entity is another method: entity.tasks.addTask(7, new AIWebbingAttack(entity))
  2. Can I sling webs myself?

    In Creative mode or with console cheat commands, create webslinger:webbing items and throw them like snowballs.


  •  PlayerInWebMessage.java is from the WebShooter mod (which inspired this mod) by Joseph C. Sible


My mods

  • Food Funk - What is that funky smell in my backpack? Food spoils over time unless preserved. Configure any item to rot, any container to preserve items.
  • Composter - Compost stuff! Turn excess organic material and rotted food into nutrients for plants.
  • Web Slinger - Spiders shoot webbing at you - slinging webs from a distance, or when they hit you in melee!
  • Pantography - Copy Map item data to other Maps including different scale Maps.
  • Palimpsest - Erase Maps and Books for reuse by rubbing with Redstone Dust.
  • Daring Debug - Do you DARE to see extra debug information?  Adds a TileEntity-under-cursor entry to the debug screen.


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