Canny Composter

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Compost more stuff! Turn excess organic material and rotten food into nutrients for plants.

Use excess organic material, excess food, or rotten food from Food Funk to generate compost - which enhances plant growth like bonemeal.



  • Make any item decompose in the compost bin over a specified time (via configuration).
  • Default configuration entries support vanilla Minecraft and other mods.
  • Any item from any mod can be specified, and specifiers include support for metadata and ore dictionary names.

Requires Wumple Util Library.


Steaming and empty compost bins


  • This mod began as a port to MC 1.12 of the compost bin and compost item from the old Garden Collection mod by Justin Aquadro.

My mods

  • Food Funk - What is that funky smell in my backpack? Food spoils over time unless preserved. Configure any item to rot, any container to preserve items.
  • Canny Composter - Compost more stuff! Turn excess organic material and rotted food into nutrients for plants.
  • Mega Map - Cartographers rejoice! Mega zoomed out maps - scales of 5 aka 1:32 and greater!
  • Web Slinger - Spiders shoot webbing at you - slinging webs from a distance, or when they hit you in melee!
  • Pantography - Copy Map item data to other Maps including different scale Maps.
  • Palimpsest - Erase Maps and Books for reuse by rubbing with Redstone Dust.
  • Flourishing Foliage - Can't keep a tree down! Tree leaves regrow outward after harvesting if enough tree trunk is left.
  • Saplings to Sticks - Strip saplings to get sticks. That's it - nothing more.
  • Daring Debug -  Do you DARE to see extra debug information?  Includes TileEntity and Tag information.


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