Waterproof 2: And This Time, It's Serious

Last Updated: Oct 25, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


Oct 25, 2018

Owner: quat1024

Water. The bane of redstone engineers and tracklayers everywhere. It flows all over your builds and causes everything to fall off... Right?


putting the "oof" in waterproof


Not anymore! Waterproof 2 simply blocks water (and other fluids) from flowing into redstone and rails. The list of blocks is configurable; the defaults are shown in the above image. Or, if you will, it puts the "oof" in "waterproof".


This makes use of a class transformer; it's a coremod, so keep that in mind.


Waterproof 2: And This Time It's Serious is a continuation/port/recode/whatever of Waterproof, by Vazkii.


Of course you can use this in your modpack. Idk is having to beg modders for modpack permissions still a thing? I hope not.


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