Waterproof 2: And This Time, It's Serious

13,448 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 25, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2  

Water. The bane of redstone engineers and tracklayers everywhere. It flows all over your builds and causes everything to fall off... Right?


putting the "oof" in waterproof


Not anymore! Waterproof 2 simply blocks water (and other fluids) from flowing into redstone and rails. The list of blocks is configurable; the defaults are shown in the above image. Or, if you will, it puts the "oof" in "waterproof".


This makes use of a class transformer; it's a coremod, so keep that in mind.


Waterproof 2: And This Time It's Serious is a continuation/port/recode/whatever of Waterproof, by Vazkii.


Of course you can use this in your modpack. Idk is having to beg modders for modpack permissions still a thing? I hope not.


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