WatchDog Anti Cheat

1,835 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 21, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Feel free to try out the Arsenal Network's Tech & Magic modpack which has an official server.

You can download the modpack on technic or atlauncher.




The mod now has a MD5 whitelist (hasmaps) to improve security so non whitelisted mods can't be used for players benefits! 


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What is Arsenal Anti Cheat? 

AAC is a mod that helps modpack authors and other people who want to protect their servers from hackers and mods that shouldn't be on the client to join the server. This mod protects servers from any mods that are not on the whitelist config on the server. This mod needs to be on the client and server. Which means to join the server you will need this mod.


How to use AAC?

- First step: Run the mod for the first time by putting it in the mods folder and put it in your server mods folder.

- Second step: Close the modpack instance and open the config folder and open the ArsenalAntiCheat/ folder.

- Third step: Then open the AAC-Client.cfg config file and set debugClient=false to true

- Fourth step: Open the modpack again and once it is fully launched then go into the ArsenalAntiCheat/ folder again and open the LoadedMods_FromLastStart text file.

- Fifth step: Now copy all the text that all the modids generate and paste it in your AAC-AntiCheat.cfg config folder on the server. 

- Six step: Paste it were it says: whitelistMods= and make sure there are no spaces. 


Enjoy! If you find any bugs or errors please tell me.




You may use this mod in your modpacks and servers but as long as you give credit back to me (MaxIsH0t)



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