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Notice: Voltz Engine is no longer supported beyond bug fixes. A new design is being made as a replacement for 1.12 & 1.13 NO ETA WILL BE GIVEN. - DarkGuardsman 7/22/2018


Missing coding lib: Dmod's maven has been down for a few years now... you can manually download the file here: https://github.com/DarkGuardsman/CodingLib/releases/tag/0.2.8


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Voltz Engine

Voltz Engine is primarily a content creation system for mods created by the BBM Team. It provides basic tools for creating new items, tiles, machines, entity, ores, resources, world gen, and handling commands. The goal of Voltz Engine is to reduce the time taken to build and maintain mods. It does this by reducing the amount of code required by moving it to a data driven model.


This model can be seen in the JSON driven logic used for almost everything in the engine. All items, blocks, tiles, and entities are created via a JSON processing system. With this system, all the basic data about the content can be specified both in logic, and graphics. Examples of how this works can be found in the test cases on GitHub.

Java Version

Java 8 is required by the mods in order for it to function. It can be downloaded and installed here https://java.com/en/download/ 

Coding Lib

Voltz Engine uses a non-minecraft lib that is downloaded by VoltzEngine. If it failed to download it can be manually downloaded from http://api.dmodoomsirius.me/com/builtbroken/codinglib/CodingLib/

Mods that use Voltz Engine


# Does VE include content?

Yes, but it is only enabled at the request of another mod. The reason behind doing this is to prevent duplicate content between dozens of mods. For example ingots, ores, dusts, plates, rods, circuit boards, and anything else we need. This content can be force enabled and disable to allow mod pack makers more control.

# Does VE include world gen?

Yes but it is only enabled if another mod requests it. It can also be forced enabled or disabled in the config.

# What does VE do with commands?

VE has a built-in command & permission system. This system can be disabled if your server already has a permissions system.

# Is VE related to Volz Modpack

We named the mod after the pack but it is not designed for the pack. Originally, the mod was called Resonant Engine but was renamed after a full rewrite.

# Does VE download a dependency.

Yes, VoltzEngine downloads a small code library "CodingLib" created by DarkGuardsman. This library carries a lot of shared code between both our minecraft projects and non-minecraft projects. 

Modpack Policy

No need to ask permission, but you still need to follow BBM's public mod pack rules


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