Virtual Machines

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Tired of automating large farms that take up sooo much space?
Want automated fishing without the hassle?

Or are you just lazy to do any of the above?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this is the mod for you!

This not op at all addon to Thermal Expansion adds in virtual machines that do everything you'll ever need, all in one convenient block!


Virtual Farm:

The Virtual Farm can accept 9 different seeds or saplings and it will grow them all simultaneously with the use of tools, and optional fertilizer. 

Virtual Fishery:

The Virtual Fishery uses a fishing rod and fishes with it.

Virtual Dark Room

The Virtual Dark Room uses a sword to virtually fight mobs that would be naturally spawned at night. Also works in the Nether for Nether mobs!

Virtual Animal Farm

The Virtual Animal Farm takes in tools and an animal morb and virtually slaughters or ranches it (if you have the augment installed).

Virtual Mob Spawner

The Virtual Mob Spawner takes in a Mob inside of a Morb and kills it with whatever sword is in the machine. Works extremely well with the Perma-Morb Inducer.

 Virtual Mob Farm

The Virtual Mob Farm is like a Virtual Spawner, except 9x. Super-duper overpowered block.


 Mod Interactions:

Right now, Virtual Machines supports:
Actually Additions
Extra Utilities 2

More will be added in future versions!

Upcoming Content:

More mod interactions are planned, as well as more machines!

Virtual Animal Farm

Virtual Dark Room

Virtual Mob Spawner
Virtual Boss Fighter

Virtual Miner


Feel free to comment on any suggestions or bugs!


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