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The Vimion Mod is a new Magic Mod based around the concept of frequent updates and world/lore expansions. Over the months during which this project is developed, the universe I’ve imagined for this mod will be revealed.


Update 1.0-Pre2 Out Now!


First Steps

Starting off with the Vimion Mod requires you to have at least obtained Diamonds and preferably a Silk Touch pickaxe. A Fortune III pickaxe is also recommended to help reduce the amount of Vimionite Ore you need to find early on, but is not required. 


Once you have a diamond, you can begin your progression through the VImion Mod by crafting a Geologic Phaser using the recipe below (If not yet listed here, you can find the recipe in the linked video.) The Geologic Phaser is used to stabilize Vimion Ore that is slightly out of phase with the universe. This is accomplished by right clicking on Energetic Stone, which generates naturally in the overworld below block layer 16. 



 Energetic Stone is an ore that looks and behaves exactly like normal Stone, including dropping cobblestone when mined normally, besides the ability to use a Geologic Phaser on it. However, this block can be mined with Silk Touch to obtain an Energetic Stone block, which can be placed back down later to be stabilized by the Geologic Phaser. This is the most effective early game method for finding the elusive Energetic Stone.


Once the Energetic Stone has been stabilized into Vimionite Ore, it can be mined for 1-4 Vimion Shards (+1-3 based on fortune level). Four of these Vimion Shards can be combined in a square on the crafting table to obtain a Vimion Gem. Combine this gem with a book to obtain a Vimionic Tome (WIP). From here, the Tome will walk you through the remainder of the mod. Good luck, Miners!


-- Journal Entries --


The facility has now recovered from the from the incident, and our secretary is currently working on documenting the whole thing. We will attempt to make it available when the Vimionic Tome is updated with our more-recent findings.

We would like to note, for now, that we have discovered the variant of Abomination that did the majority of the damage to our facility. This is the Solarionic Abomination, which is the ascended form of Husks and Zombie Pigmen. Please note: It is extremely destructive, and if you want to observe it for yourself, please refrain from doing so near any structures of value (such as your bases). This Abomination seems to be attuned to the Sun in the Overworld, but other dimensions are reported to give this abomination different properties. More research is definitely needed into this phenomenon!


The rest of the journal will be maintained here:


[1.0-Pre2 Showcase Video Coming Soon]



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