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The Vimion Mod is a new Magic Mod based around the concept of weekly updates and world/lore expansions. Over the months during which this project is developed, the universe I’ve imagined for this mod will be revealed.


[A critical bug has come up during development this week. As such, week 8 and 9 features will be released in the same update next week.]


First Steps

Starting off with the Vimion Mod requires you to have at least obtained Diamonds and preferably a Silk Touch pickaxe. A Fortune III pickaxe is also recommended to help reduce the amount of Vimionite Ore you need to find early on, but is not required. 


Once you have a diamond, you can begin your progression through the VImion Mod by crafting a Geologic Phaser using the recipe below (If not yet listed here, you can find the recipe in the linked video.) The Geologic Phaser is used to stabilize Vimion Ore that is slightly out of phase with the universe. This is accomplished by right clicking on Energetic Stone, which generates naturally in the overworld below block layer 16. 



 Energetic Stone is an ore that looks and behaves exactly like normal Stone, including dropping cobblestone when mined normally, besides the ability to use a Geologic Phaser on it. However, this block can be mined with Silk Touch to obtain an Energetic Stone block, which can be placed back down later to be stabilized by the Geologic Phaser. This is the most effective early game method for finding the elusive Energetic Stone.


Once the Energetic Stone has been stabilized into Vimionite Ore, it can be mined for 1-4 Vimion Shards (+1-3 based on fortune level). Four of these Vimion Shards can be combined in a square on the crafting table to obtain a Vimion Gem. Combine this gem with a book to obtain a Vimionic Tome (WIP). From here, the Tome will walk you through the remainder of the mod. Good luck, Miners!


-- Journal Entries --


The Vimionic Tome has been the focus of our development this week, and it should now be a very viable medium for us to share our research more easily with the greater Minecraft community. It’s definitely worth looking at in its new state!

By next week’s update, the Vimionic Tome should be completely caught up to reflect the full state of our understanding of Vim. 


Research is also continuing into the phenomenon of spectral mobs.



While researching the effects of Solarion on different blocks, one scientist found that by planting a Solarionite Shard in a block of grass, he could change the grass’s properties. In this case, the grass took on a yellow hue almost instantly and became extremely hot to the touch. 


It was eventually discovered that this process occurs because the Shards’ energy binds to the roots of the grass that’s been planted there, causing the way it absorbs nutrients to change. We know this is not a complete explanation, as it doesn’t seem to work with any other foliage blocks, but, as one researcher put it, “When you get right down to it, it’s just magic.” Of course, research into this phenomenon will continue.


Attempts to do this with the other 4 Shards of Vim (“of Vim” being the new way of referencing Vimion, Necrion, Solarion, Nihilion, and Expion without having to write out so many names) have proven successful. Each grass type exhibits different properties, and each likely has its own uses. Most notable is Expionic Grass, which behaves as if it intensely folds space around itself, causing entities walking through it to have to exert nearly 100 times the force to cross it.


Somebody also thought that planting berries on top of these new grass blocks would be a good idea, and apparently, it actually was. The berry bushes took on some properties of the soil beneath them, and several new Berry variants have been discovered. We are attempting to find a safe way to test their effects, as directly eating them has proven extremely dangerous. Tim thought his “guts of steel” could handle a Berry of Annihilation. He’s been in the bathroom ever since. At the present time, we are not even sure if he’s still alive.


Research is also continuing into the phenomenon of Spectral Mobs, but so far, nothing new has come up. Well, besides definitive proof that you cannot shear a Spectral Sheep. Nonetheless, there’s a small team that has dedicated themselves to developing a tool to get the Wool off of dead sheep’s backs. 


All this is to say, progress is moving along steadily.



Thank you to my superiors for giving this project High Priority status. The additional funding should help research continue at a much faster rate than before!


This week has already given rise to one major development. By combining Necrion Gemstones with a table of obsidian, a Necrionite Summoning platform has been created. By placing a Mob Spirit on this table, the mob can be summoned back to life in a Spirit form. Notably, as soon as this entity was conjured, every undead mob within at least 4 chunks was attracted to it and attempted to kill it. Fortunately, we were able to repel them, but this behavior could be helpful for many situations throughout the world. Research will continue over the course of this week.



Four new dephased ores have been unearthed over the past week thanks to the Advanced Geologic Phaser. 

The first of these has a faded purple color and emits its strongest energy near the remains of deceased large life forms. Its association with the dead has earned it the name “Necrion”. 

The second ore is yellow and seems to emit energy based on how much light is reaching it. The strongest energy readings yet recorded were emitted while the ore was placed in direct sunlight, and this gave it the name “Solarion”. 

The third ore is red and had been noted to be extremely volatile. Miners who have obtained any notable amount of this ore have noticed blocks and items disappearing from chests it was left in as well as blocks nearby completely vanishing. Miners have been calling it “Nihilion”, and it is strongly advised to avoid this ore until more is understood about it. 

The fourth and final ore is deep blue in color. Miners have yet to discover any properties of this ore, but many have noted that by staring deep into the gemstone, one can see what appears to be an entire universe contained within the stone. One Miner used the term “Expion” to describe this gemstone after the expanse that can be seen in it, and the name has caught on. 


I would strongly encourage my superiors to move the Vimion Project to [High Priority], as the sheer quantity of new materials involved has potentially Dimension-wide implications. As these gems seem to lack any form of atomic or voxellic structure, but instead appear entirely magic-based, Intreiliter is possibly involved.



Several Miners have reported finding forms of Energetic Stone that don’t react to the Geologic Phaser. Many have suggested that these could be other ores that simply don’t respond the same way Vimion does. 

Another development came this week when two miners decided to try to coat a Geologic Phaser in Vimion Shards. They reported that this greatly increased the durability of the Phaser. We have included a simplified version of their original crafting recipe in this week’s update to the Vimionic Tome.



Several experiments with Vimionite Daggers have revealed that they have the power to occasionally harvest the Spirit of a farm animal. This occurs when a small piece of the dagger breaks off and binds to the entity's spirit as it dies. This does severe damage to the dagger, but also binds that mob's spirit to our world. More research is advised on this mysterious, life-oriented mineral. 



The “Geologic Phaser” has been deployed, and reports of new samples are already coming in. Many people have reported blocks and daggers being readily craftable from the Gemstones, and some people have even mentioned what appear to be symbols etched into the Shards. More samples and research are definitely needed.



Energetic Stone has been confirmed to be a common material throughout all of Minecraftia. The WabTech Portable Geologic Ore Phase-Changing Device is nearly ready for mass deployment. Hopefully these additional samples of Vimion will help expand our knowledge of the material.


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