Useless Ores Mod

4,849 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 11, 2020 Game Version: 1.14.4

From the creator of the Lucky Block Pink Addon

"Sick and tired of all those different mods adding all those same copper types? Me neither. Have more!"
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The Useless Ores mod for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.14.4 is a mod that adds in 40 new ores into Minecraft that are all useless, pointless, counterproductive, impracticable, and I'm sure you get the point already of this mod. This mod adds in a new kind of tree being the copper tree and a junkyard that has a secret chest with items that are necessary for "completion" of this mod. We don't have enough copper types in our tech mods already, right?! Copper trees! Copper zombies! Copper biomes! Copper planets! Compressed copper! Do ALL THE copper-crafting! Have 102 more types of copper! (This is mod is more of a joke mod than anything else and everything either has absolutely no uses or harms the player.) Use at your own caution: we take no responsibility for copper related deaths.


Modpack perms: May be used for any modpack that downloads the file from curseforge unless given otherwise. (EX: Twitch Launcher.)


1.12.2 List of ores and uses:

Copper Ore- Can after a bit of effort make copper tools,

Nether Copper Quartz Ore- Makes Copper Quartz,

Item Item Ore- Makes Item Item Ingots which make more Item Item Ingots,

Litter Ore- Makes your world polluted,

Illusion Ore- Messes with your mind,

Ruby Ore- Makes you wish they were added in 1.3,

Rock- It's just a rock,

Nether Rock- It's just a nether version of a rock,

Ender Rock- It's just a ender version of a rock,

Ash Ore, Rusty Iron Ore, Fool's Gold Ore, Red Powder Ore, Fossilized Blueberry Ore, Graphite Ore, Dollar Bill Ore, and Nether Shard Ore- Makes tears,

Sandy Sand- Makes Sandy sand,

Wither Block- Annoying to mine and gives the wither effect,

Missing Texture Ore- Needs a home because it's missing,

Loot Box Ore- It's a loot box as a ore,

Pink Loot Box Ore- It's a pink loot box

Copper Loot Box Ore- It's a copper loot box,

$4.99, $9.99, $14.99, and $19.99 Loot Box Ore- Loot Boxes that cost dollar bills,

Copper Infused Stone- It spawns Copperfish,

Copper Infused Endstone- It spawns Coppermites,

Bedrock Ore- "Breakable" Bedrock,

Useless Stone, Useless Netherrack, Useless Endstone, and Useless Dirt- Drops pebbles,

Water Ore- Spawns in water and drops water,

Salt1 Ore, Salt2 Ore, Salt3 Ore, Salt4 Ore, Salt5 Ore, and Salt6 Ore- Makes you salty and gives you Salt,

Brown Salt1 Ore, Brown Salt2 Ore, Brown Salt3 Ore, Brown Salt4 Ore, Brown Salt5 Ore, and Brown Salt6 Ore- Makes you salty and gives you "Brown" Salt,

Banana Ore- Full of Potassium and Radiation,

Pineapple Ore- DO NOT STEAL!,

Flying Squid Ore- Causes chaotic squids to flying that might be possessed,

Flying Kraken Ore- Causes the end of the world. (I think.),

Diorite 2.0- Even better diorite than before.

Mutated1 Copper Ore, Mutated2 Copper Ore, and Mutated3 Copper Ore- Weird versions of copper ore,

Red, Green, and Blue Ore- RGB is the future,

Parallel Ore- Pretty odd, and

Tin Ore- Creates conspiracy.


1.14.4 Ores/Not Ores and Uses:

Copper Ore- Creates Copper Blocks and Tools with minimal amounts of effort
Nether Copper Ore- Perfect for the babes
Ender Copper Ore- There is no end in Copper
Ore Ore- Ore you ready to pick at this one?
Illusion Ore- Does it really exist?
Litter Ore- People are garbage
Wither Ore- I heard it's safe to touch
Missing Texture Ore-No one cares, get lost ya stupid ore
Loot Box Ore- Really EAts your pickaxes
Pink Loot Box Ore- Who the frick would make a pink loot box
Copper Loot Box Ore- Couldn't get enough copper
$4.99 Loot Box Ore- Loot Box Ore, but makes you feel like it's worth more
$9.99 Loot Box Ore- $4.99 Loot Box Ore, but makes you feel like it's worth more
$14.99 Loot Box Ore- $9.99 Loot Box Ore, but makes you feel like it's worth more
$19.99 Loot Box Ore- $14.99 Loot Box Ore, but makes you feel like it's worth more
Water Ore- I hate water especially wet water
Tyn Ore- I heard it's a conspiracy
Pest Ore- Really loves you and can't leave you alone
Incomplet Ore- One of the bes
Chaos Ore- #MM44K2-0KK21--=3944444KK332249540
Ende Purple Doritos Ore- Sit back and relax to the flaming Purple Doritos
Nether Purple Doritos Ore- Eat well with the cool Purple Doritos
Creep Ore- Really creeps on you

Not Ores:
Rock- I heard it's popular around Halloween
Nether Rock- Someone really hates you
Ender Rock- It's just a rock that was inverted
Diorite 2.0- Diorite, but at least twice as good
Sandy Sand- It's Sandy Sand!
Red Sandy Sand- It's Sandy Sand, but red!
Quick Sand- Great for the kids
Red Quick Sand- No traces will be left behind
Black Ice- It's really cool! Try it out!
Marple- Marple





Nuclear Fusor Recipes [1.12.2 Version Only]:

Bananas are fuel for Nuclear Fusors:

Essence Essence on top + Clay on Bottom = Klay

Essence Essence on top + Klay on Bottom = Klaye

Essence Essence on top + Klaye on Bottom = Klaye

Essence Essence on top + Klaye on Bottom = Klaa

Essence Essence on top + Klaa on Bottom = Kla

Essence Essence on top + Kla on Bottom = Kly

Essence Essence on top + Iron Ingot on Bottom = Iren Inget

Essence Essence on top + Iren Inget on Bottom = Iren Angyt

Essence Essence on top + Iren Angyt on Bottom = Irin Angst

Essence Essence on top + Irin Angst on Bottom = Irun Aimbot

Essence Essence on top + Irun Aimbot on Bottom = Irwin Dingus

Irwin Dingus on top + Kly on Bottom = Clay-Iron Ingot

Essence Essence on top + Copper Essence on Bottom = Synthetic Copper

Essence Essence on top + Fishing Rod on Bottom = Null Rod


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