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Viesis' Dismounter

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JEI is now supported!


Current version: Release v1.1a

1.11.0 - v1.1a uses Forge 2188+ : JAVA 8.

1.10.2 - v1.1a uses Forge 2099+ : JAVA 8.


What is this mod?

This is a simple mod that adds the Dismounter and the Universal Dismounter.   

The Dismounter allows you to right click any animal / mob while riding anything and they will be removed without taking damage.  A pig hopped into your minecart?  A chicken is in your airship?  Not anymore!

The Universal Dismount does what the Dismounter does with an extra bonus, the ability to dismount players! Up your PvP game with this item. (Note, this recipe can be enabled / disabled via the configs)


Recipe for the Dismounter:

Recipe - Dismounter


Recipe for the Universal Dismounter:

Universal Dismounter Recipe


Note: If you downloaded my ViesCraft - Airships! mod, the regular Dismounter item is already included.


Note for Modpack Creators

Everyone is free to use this mod in any modpack they want. I only ask that you give me credit (Viesis), don't make money off of it (keeping it free), and have a link back to this site (if you can). Otherwise, have fun with it!