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Ebon Arts

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JEI compatible!


Current version: Release v2.5.0a

1.11.2 - TBD uses Forge 2229+ : JAVA 8.

1.10.X - TBD uses Forge 2185+ : JAVA 8.


Old versions:

1.11.0 - v2.5.0a uses Forge 2180+ : JAVA 8.

1.9.4 - v2.5.0a uses Forge 1976+ : JAVA 8.

1.9.0 - v2.5.0a uses Forge 1887+ : JAVA 8.

1.8.9 - v2.3.4c uses Forge 1722+ : JAVA 7.

1.7.10 - v2.3.4c uses Forge 1558+ : JAVA 7.


~It is always a great idea to give more than 1GB of RAM to Minecraft~ 

What is this mod?

Ebon Arts is a mod that brings various new ores to discover and new blocks/models to build with, along with several tools, achievements, music, and equipment to spice up the life of an adventurer.  This mod also has various quality of life add-ons that allows the creation of various vanilla items that you normally cannot craft, all able to be enabled/disabled via the configs.


Some Blocks and Items.


For more detailed info about the mod, please visit the main site:


 Please remember, when using any mod, to back up your worlds! Say no to lost world saves.


Note for Modpack Creators

Everyone is free to use this mod in any modpack they want. I only ask that you give me credit (Viesis), don't make money off of it (keeping it free), and have a link back to this site (if you can). Otherwise, have fun with it!


For all mod information, please visit:


Mod Future 


This mod rewrite, "Viesis' Gemstones", is coming along very well. I think I have my new Gemstone workbench working exactly how I want it to (minus hopper annoyances I may not be able to fix in time) and all basic gemstones (9 in total) are in game with multiple cosmetic block choices (108 blocks).


Again, I plan on keeping this old Ebon Arts mod up for anyone who would like to use it instead. I want to add more blocks and implement my new legendary weapon system, but that may come post launch.


Notable changes:

- Created a subsystem to be able to add gemstone variants easier (like how 'cryptic' blocks work).

- Overhauled the Velious, Katcheen, Onyxius (obsidian), and Carnelian (glowstone) items/blocks. 

- Removed gemstone 'tiers' to make more sense.

- Touched up a lot of the textures.

- Removed the 3 crops (they were painfully useless)

- Added a Gemstone Workbench. Instead of having massive world gen for all of my gems, you can place any items/blocks in this workbench to process items into potential gems.

- Expanding and redesigning the legendary weapon system.



- Going forward, this mod will be updated for mainly 1.10.2 and the newest version out (currently 1.11.2). It was killing me putting out 7 versions of this mod.