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[Inactive] Vies Machines

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Current versions

1.12.2 - 1.1.0 uses Forge 2847+ : JAVA 8


Vies Machines is the spiritual successor to my 'ViesCraft - Airships!' mod. This mod enhances airship functionality along with adding more choices than just airships. Create various ground, water, and flying machines to explore your worlds! Craft useful appliances, play with various building blocks, enjoy more machine customization, creative perks, etc... Best of all, everything is easier to understand so there is no need for a guidebook!!! <3


- Machine Features -

3 Machine stats to enhance.                                         

Any Custom machine name.                                                  

16 Machine name colors.                                                  

3 Frame, Engine, and Component models.                  

47 Textures with color/transparency.                                 

A lot of Display Banner choices.                                               

Any record can be played in machine radios. (from all mods)


~ It is always a great idea to give more than 1GB of RAM to Modded Minecraft ~

~ Note for servers, you must enable flying in the server configs! ~




New Appliances

Appliances are a staple of the mod. I am sure as time goes on, I will find more unique things to add, but for now, we have the following:




- Extractor -

This appliance will take any block/item from any mod and break it down into and item named Xegonite. The success rate is equal to the value of the block/item. Xegonite will be used to make various kits, building blocks, and machines!



- Machine Kit Fabricator - 
This appliance will allow you to create various machine kits. The kits can repair broken machines along with restoring machine health, energy, and durability. 




- Machine Transmogrifier -    WIP

This appliance will allow you to convert machines into other machines at the cost of a lot of energy. For example, convert a submarine into an airship, or an airship to a helicopter.




 - Machine Beacon -    WIP

This appliance will allow you to register machines to it. While in your machine, you will be able to teleport back to your registered Beacon at the cost of machine energy.


Note for Modpack Creators

Feel free to use this mod in any modpacks you want. I only ask that you please use the Curse/Curseforge download and do not rehost the files. Thanks!


Planned Mod Overview

Anything here is subject to change based on player feedback!


Mod outline so far:

  • There will be 3 types of machines with sub-types :
    • Ground(Hovercraft, ???) - Fastest machine, best mobility, can hover over liquids. These machines can glide after jumping.
    • Water(Submarine, ???) - Quick underwater movement and supplies oxygen to riding entities. 
    • Flying(Airship, ???) - Slower speed and maneuverability compared to ground machines, but provides air travel. 
  • All machines will have Health, Energy, and Durability. Health measures overall health of the machine. Energy is used to enable various features (appearance, abilities, etc). Durability measures how reliable a machine is.
  • When machines "die" (reach 0 Health OR Durability) they breakdown. Broken machines cannot move and must be repaired before using again.
  • Machines can be repair or converted back into an item, whether they are broken or not.
  • There will be 3 main stats for all machines :
    • Frame - Dictates max health, max energy, and max durability.
    • Engine - Dictates speed, energy gain, and durability loss.
    • Component - Dictates max ammo, Radio record slots, and the machines component.
      • Ground component - Affects max jump power.
      • Water component - Affects max air supply.
      • Flying component - Affects max altitude.
  • Machines will have only 3 tiers for each main stat. Each tier level will be more meaningful in bonuses.
  • Machines will have a lot more builtin features like the Radio (play any record from all mods currently running), autorun (press forward once and keep moving forward), etc.
  • Module system will be drastically changing and will be fewer but more specialized. What will change:
    • Modules will be one step (no more lesser, normal, greater).
    • The benefits will be drastically better (64 slot storage for example).
    • More utility modules like the entity ?grappling hook?.
  • Holiday specific frame/component textures, display banners, and particles. These things will stay after the event until changed.


- General Machine Hierarchy Example -

    Machine : Flying (Ground and Water coming later)

           Type : Airship (Helicopter and ? coming later?)

                                      Model : Hindenburg (All of the different models originally made)

Main texture : Frame (Texture, color, semi-transparency)

Secondary texture : Component (Texture, color, semi-transparency)

                 Banner : Display System (Item, Block, Head, Supporter)

   Particle aura : Runes (Colored Runes, Colored Flames, etc)

Enhancement : Replaced the Module System (Storage, etc)



Short term goals:

- Finish holiday specific textures and banners in time for the first holiday, Christmas! -Done!

- Tweak and finish airship models. -Done!

- Create models for the helicopter flying machine.

- Complete the code for the Kit Fabricator block. -Done!

- Complete the model/code for the Machine Transmogrifier block.

- Complete the model/code for the Machine Beacon block.

- Create models for the ground machines.

- Create models for the water machines.

- Develop the new enhancement system. (old module system)

- Set up worldgen structure that has a chance of spawning a machine!



Why am I doing this?

It just makes sense. This mod will be drastically different from my current version and could be a confusing in the future when trying to troubleshoot issues.. A lot of people like my old mod too and it isn't fair to change things that people don't want touched!



Ideas after launch

A new projectile firing system. Planned types : single fire, beam, aoe, frontal cone.