Vanilla Enhancements

156,623 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 23, 2017 Game Version: 1.8.9

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


I present you here a Forge Mod that enhances some things that are not cool (enough) in Vanilla.

Survival Inventory does not move to the side when a potion effect is applied
[DISABLED] Added a key that will make you drop the whole stack if held while pressing your item drop key
☑ Fixed "<" taking screenshots
No lag when taking a screenshot!
☑ Open your Inventory to see your current protection and projectile protection level (warning: latter is inaccurate) in the bottom left
☑ Blood effect with sound and particles when hitting entities
☑ New Config! /enconfig
☑ [Changed] Better Debug (F4) screen (more organized and stripped; not finished yet)
    - Shows current server and ping.
    - Left click speed (CPS) and right click speed (RCS) are also being tracked!
    - Also shows your crosshair
Longer chat history (here), set it to whatever you want in the config!
A Warning message once your highest memory reached 90% once.
☑ /gamma to switch between 1.0 (default max) and 100.0 for bright vision in darkness!
Shows your current arrow count whenever you hold a bow.
☑ Added a /fov command. Do /fov <1:2:3> to choose from your custom profiles (check the config file!) or do /fov <value> to switch to that fov value directly, e.g. /fov 70
☑ Added a /sens command. Do /sens <1:2:3> to choose from your custom profiles (check the config file!) or do /sens <value> to switch to that sensitivity value directly, e.g. /sens 130
☑ Added a /volume command. Do /volume <1:2:3> to choose from your custom profiles (check the config file!)
/name <IGN> shows the previous names of that person!
☑ /config opens the folder that contains the config files
☑ /copy copies coordinates to clipboard, /coords and /pos sends them as a chat message!
☑ Now shows the distance to whatever the crosshair is pointing at in F4 screen! you can toggle that off obviously :)
/ping <name> to get someone's ping that is in your lobby, also you can enable showing their ping right in tab list in the config. Do "/ping all" to list all player's ping!
☑ You can turn off portal, wither, thunder and slime sounds in the config (disabled by default)
Dynamic hitboxes and more config options - you can make them only show from a certain distance, turn red upon aiming at them and some more stuff!
Enchantments show above your hotbar (here)

☑ Attack damage shows above your hotbar 

☑ Potion info shows above your hotbar
☑ /time shows date, day and the current time
☑ Added timestamps to the chat (here)
☑ Added current time to Better debug / F4 screen
Improved Screenshot message (here)
Reminders added (/remind help to learn about them)
Notepad added (/note help to learn about it)
☑ /logs to open log folder quickly
☑ Autocomplete (tab) on all mod commands
☑ /timezone <timezone> to see the difference between your current and the provided timezone
☑ You can change the amount of players shown in tab in the config, as well as the max coloumn length (pic)
You can make tab transparent in the config (pic)
☑ Disable boss bar in the config
A warning when your armor durability is low
☑ Disable the "smooth camera" while using Optifine Zoom in the config
☑ You can enable toggling the players list instead of only showing it while you press the key (config)
☑ /listplayers to list all players in the world

☑ /clearchat to clear the visible chat history

☑ You can choose a factor for the fov change of speed, slowness, sprinting and drawing a bow. (Default: 1.0, Disabled: 0.0)

☑ Notifies you every minute when Mojang servers are down.

☑ You can fully customize the F4 / Better debug screen! Do /config and open enhancements_f4screen_right.txt and ..._left.txt do customize it!

☑ You can enable custom chat tabs. How to: Enable it in /enconfig. Do /config. Edit enhancements_chat_tabs.txt. (Video)

☑ Allows 256 character message support on the following servers: Singleplayer, Hypixel

Unconfirmed ideas
- more tab configurations (e.g. name length)
- restart button
- session reload
- relog button on disconnect screen?
- disable (sub-) titles
- video setting profiles
- mcmod
- make proj prot more accurate

- clear background on guis

- tooltip showing if armor is better

- fire counter

- chat box y offset (so you can see hearts?)

- prefixes for chat tabs

- colors in f4

- clean armor potential (cooldown, f4 screen?)

- mute enderdragon

- show enchants next to armor in inv

- two keybinds for one action

- /gamma <value>

- ping text color


More suggestions needed to make this a useful mod xD

Known Bugs
- cant drop stack in inventory

Fixed Bugs / Changes
- Blood effect now working in Multiplayer!
- Armor Potential not stuck at 0% anymore!
- Fixed config file dis-/enabling all or none
- F3 causing crash
- Rounding armor potential to two decimals now
- Fixed location of protection
- Fixed inventory fix not fixing!! Now fixes!!!
- Removed /ping command and instead put constant ping updates in the F3 screen
- Fixed F3 crashing the game
- Fixed crashing when setting frames to unlimited
- Misplaced arrow count fixed!
- Ping and server not shown in F4!
- Adjusting ping / server name in F4 according to bossbar
- Ping process mem leak
- Blood rendering weird
- Longer chat breaks on autocomplete commands (Fixed?)
- Chat logs are only being saved in fml-client-latest.log and not latest.log
- Fixed commands, they used to not require a slash
- Fixed F4 crashing
- Armor protection visibility improved
- Fixed memory leaks, improved performance
- Improved chat scrolling
- Fixed incompatibility issues
- Changed the way ping is measured
- Fixed some crashes
- doesnt hide ping / server when tablist is showing
- keybinds reset
- blood stuff only on left click
- cannot hide block properties
- /gamma
- disabling armor prot does not work
- Memory warning always showing
- Dropping a stack not working properly on a mac
- always show tab
- tab showing with chat open
- format y coord in f4

- improved support for other mod commands

- Hitbox config settings working properly now

- Improved /clearchat

- Fixed issues with max chat lines

- Improved Mojang Status checker

- Fixed timestamps affecting chat tab filter / conditions

- Fixed missing space for multiple potion effects

- Fixed Bow FOV issues

- Tab toggle and a few other config values are now defaulting to vanilla behaviour

- f4 on default setting not working correctly

- optifine zoom cinematic setting not working

- fixed mojang status not respecting settings from config


 As said above, just one of the projects I have besides having a real life too, so I might not update, fix, etc. fast, but yah :)

Simply drop the file into your Mods folder of your Forge profile folder and start Minecraft!


Outdated showcase:


Is this mod allowed on Hypixel?
It is not specifically allowed, but I'm coding my mods to the best of my knowledge to not have a reason to forbid it. All of the parts of this mods are concipated to be completely fine, even with Watchdog. However, I do not promise you anything, you use it at your own risk.
The ping feature works 100% as doing it yourself in a terminal / the command line, so it is completely independant from your Minecraft client.

How do I install this mod?
Download the linked file. You need to have Forge 1.8.9 installed. Put the file into your "mods" folder and you're done. That's all it takes to install it!

How do I disable certain parts of the mod?
Do /enconfig :)

Does it contain 1.7 / Blockhit animations?
No, here you can find it:

Is it compatible with mod XYZ?

No issues so far! Just test it out yourself and if it's not compatible, tell me :)

How can I report a bug?
You can always post it on this thread, but sending me your logs via personal message is much more appreciated and helpful.

Where do I find my logs?
Navigate to your Minecraft folder and open the folder called "logs". If the bug happened the last time you played, then "latest.log" and "fml-client-latest.log" are the ones you want to grab, upload to and send to me.
(You can also just /logs ingame :) )

When will you update it?
Whenever I have the time and that's pretty unconstant and unpredictable, so be patient, I note everything down that I want to do - I do it as soon as I have time and feel like working on it :)

Why don't you add server-specific features?
This is a Vanilla Enhancements mod and supposed to work and show its full potential on every server and even in Singleplayer. It's not to focus on gameplay on one server, it's meant to improve and fix Vanilla stuff, nothing related to Hypixel.

I am coding too, can I use some of your code?
Sure, be inspired as much as you want, it's the best way to learn coding - do it yourself and learn from other people's code by trying to understand it. However, I'm working alone on this mod and it was one of my first projects I've ever done in coding and still waits for a huge revamp and cleanup from my side.

Can you make it for Minecraft / Forge version x.y.z?
No. I will only support one version at a time, because lots of features are version dependant (due to obfuscation, changes in the mechanics, etc.). Currently only Forge 1.8.9.


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