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just as a warning right away: Not everyone might feel a difference, but there is a fundamental "bug" that has been introduced with 1.8 that this mod fixes. It updates your head position more accurately.

Here it is, enjoy! Use /projectl to toggle it!



No issues known or expected. If there are, hit me up!

Supported versions: Forge 1.8 and up. Forge 1.9 and up. Forge 1.10 and up.


How to install

Install Forge. Download the file.

Put the file in the "mods" folder of your Minecraft folder where you have Forge installed.




This mod is purely client side and gives no risk of getting you banned on any server.

I do not take responsibility, but people (including me) have been using it without issues!


Your impressions

 - "It's a huge quality of life change"

 - "It feels much more directly connected to your actual mouse movements"

 - "I'm actually able to compete with 1.7 players"

 - "It's like playing 1.7 again"

 - "Soon 1.8 will be 1.7"


Check out Old Animations Mod for more 1.7 feeling!


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