Godly Vampirism


Godly Vampirism - Addon for Vampirism

This is a small addon mod for Vampirism which changes Vampirism's configuration to remove most of the downsides of being a vampire.

Additionally, it enhances the capabilities of both vampires and hunters further by increasing the effect of certain abilities.

The modifications include, but are not limited to:

- Very little sundamage, no nausea, smaller yellow sun indicator

- Significantly lower blood usage

- Almost no increase to fire damage

- Receive 2 skill points per level

- Allow 2 minions per lord level

- Teleport further and more often

Important: This only affects new worlds. To apply to existing worlds run ("/godly-vampirism apply") as in admin or in Singleplayer

It should be sufficient to install this mod server side only, but it does not hurt on client side.

Note: Currently this mod only changes Vampirism's configuration. Therefore, you could achieve all these modifications manually without this mod.

However, due to frequent questions about that, I decided to create this mod as a convenient alternative.

You will still be able to customize Vampirism's configuration further, since this only affects the default values.