Enhanced Snowmen


Finally, your army of snowmen is not completely useless anymore!
This small mod makes snowballs thrown by snowmen cause a small amount of damage.
Thereby they can finally protect themselves from these evil monsters.


Easy to use. Can be added/removed at any time.


You want your army to grow by itself? Then you can enable a config option which makes mobs become snowmen if they are killed with a snowball.


With default settings snowballs thrown by snowmen deal a small amount of damage to any hostile creature (0.25 hearts). With that, it takes about 40 snowballs to fight a zombie, but if you have enough snowmen this should be quite quick.

In addition the snowballs freeze (slow down) the hit mob for two seconds, thereby the snowmen have an even better able to defend themselves.


Snowballs thrown by players do not deal damage, by default.

Most of this is configurable.


If you want to use this on a server, it is sufficient to install it on the server itself. Clients do not need this.


Can either be done in the ingame mod list GUI (MC1.11 or higher) or by editing the config/enhanced_snowman.cfg 

    # Convert creatures killed by snowmen to a snowman


# Only deal damage to hostile creatures


# Allow players to deal damage with snowballs


# Add a short freeze/slowness to a creature damaged by a snowball


# Damage dealt by one snowman snowball # Min: 0.0 # Max: 100.0


# Convert creatures killed by snowmen to a snowman