Useful Stuffs

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Something that you may find handy through the gameplay

Features added



 - Berry bushes: Randomly generated in the world, berries can be used as dyes or alternative food source

Randomly generated in the world

Berries can be used as dyes in recipes


 - Universal User: A machine that will simulate a player, and do energy/fluid recharge to the items it holds at the same time

No more extract, charge item and insert from now on

All in one is the trend, BRO.


 - Tank Frame with Fluid Containers: More advanced automation!

 --- Tank Frame: Put a Fluid Container inside, it becomes a fluid tank block

 --- Fluid Container: A portable fluid storage, works like a big bucket

An empty tank frame, and five tiers of Fluid Container

Fluid Container works as a big bucket

Put a Fluid Container inside a Tank Frame, a fluid tank block appears


 - Filing Cabinets:

 --- Unstackable: Just likes the filing cabinet in XU 1.7.10, stores unstackable items

 --- NBT: Store stacks which has NBT tag on

Unstackable Filing Cabinet

NBT Filing Cabinet


 - Campfire of Traveller's Wisdom: Create a buff area by consuming fuel

Place logs beneath it to increase the buff radius, the bigger the radius, the faster it consumes fuel


 - Portal Muffler: Mutes the annoying sound of the nether portal


 - Rain Detector

Nothing special to do with it, I know. I'm just proud of the model I made.




 - Light Shooter: Projectile light source, shoots lights to an unreachable place


 - Ring of Stabilizing: Remove the mining speed debuff when you are not on the ground 

Stabilize your mining pose in the air


 - Milk Bag: Store milk inside it, no more buckets

All in one!

Make some cheese, it's good for you


 - Mining Backpack: Automatically collect mining resources and ability to quick deposit to chests


 - Packing Glue: Lets you seal up blocks and pick them up

The durability consumed depends on the block

Refill using slimeballs


Potion Effects:


 - Li-ly: Make you float, sprint on liquid

 - Fiery Li-ly: Fire Resist + Lily

 - Parachute: Reduce falling damage

Fiery Lilypads can be found in nether




 - Frugal (Packing Glue): Decrease the durability needed to take a block

 - Fast Draw: Shorten the time needed to pull the bow

 - Endest: End-er than the Enders, arrows hit Endermen.

Fast draw, aim fast.

End-er than the Enders.


Other Features:

 - Countdown for the time left to sleep

Double-click a bed to active, click again to cancel

 - And other useful stuffs



You don't need to inform me, just go and put this in your modpack, I will appreciate it a lot.


Advice/Bug Report

If you have any advice on new items/blocks or some cool features, leave a comment below this page to let me know! I will do my best to put that into the reality of Minecraft.

If you found any bug/issue, post an issue on the Github Issue Page, I will try to fix that.



This is a mod that I practice my coding skill with. If you found something that violates your copyrights, contact me and I will remove it immediately.


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