Potion Capsule

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Have you ever wanted to cross a small lava lake and end up using a whole bottle of Fire Resistance potion and felt wasteful for it? Well, not anymore!


This mod adds a capsule item that let you 'split' the duration of a potion into small parts and store them inside the capsules!



Features Added:


    Potion Capsule

You can store a little part of duration from some potion into a capsule, either consume one to gain the effect or put them into a capsule pendant!

Simply craft them with potions: 

Craft with any potion

Get a capsule with a small duration of the effect

(There is a config to decide how many ticks should a capsule store)

The duration not used will be left in the potion item

(There is a config to dispose of an effect which duration that is less than a capsule should store)

Potion capsules show their effect stored on its display name


Potion capsule can be cleared by putting it inside a crafting grid:


Combine multiple capsules into one!

(There is a config to disable the combination recipe)

(There is a client-side config to decide how many effect names should be rendered)


    Capsule Pendant

Stores capsules with different triggers to use them!

The crafting recipe

The GUI of capsule pendant

There are currently 8 different triggers:

- trigger when the player about to attack

- trigger when the player is being damaged

- trigger when the player is on fire

- trigger when the player is in water

- trigger when the player is sprinting

- trigger when the player is falling

- trigger when the player is in dark

- trigger when the player press down the keybinding

*Special Notes*

- the capsule will not get triggered if the gui is opened -

- only one of them will function if the player has multiple pendants in his inventory -



    Gelatin Extractor

Extracts Gelatin Powder from bones and leathers

Crafting Recipe

Extract Gelatin Powder from items


    Gelatin Former

 Combine Gelatin Powder with another catalyst to craft

Crafting Recipe

2 Gelatin Powder + 1 Nether Wart Dust = 8 Potion Capsule

8 Gelatin Powder + 1 Apple = 8 Apple Jelly

        Nether Wart Dust

Obtained by breaking mature nether wart crops

(There is a config to enable its crafting recipe -- 1 nether wart = 9 nether wart dust)



    Effect - NightVisionNF

        Since the vanilla Night Vision starts to 'flicker' when its duration is less than a certain amount of ticks, plus that the capsule only gives you a short period of effect, you might encounter some situation that capsules with Night Vision flicker on your screen all the time.

        So by default, Night Vision will be replaced by NightVisionNF when it is transferred into capsules. (Can be disabled in config)


ModPack and License:

    This mod is protected under the MIT license, as described in the project details and the GitHub source page.

    If you want to put this mod into your modpack, just do it, why not?



    This mod is still in its beta phase, some features may be added later, and some of the existing may not be that stable yet.

    Feel free to make any suggestion/bug report in the Github issue page


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