Berry Bushes

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This mod adds Berries and Bush Blocks into your game!

Berry Bushes are randomly generated in the world with different colors, and the berries they produce can be used as an alternative food source or a substitution of dyes.


Berries and Bushes:


Berries come with 16 different colors, each can be used to substitute a dye from vanilla in crafting recipes. 

They are also food sources and can be crafted into Berry Salad.

Berry Salad:

2 berries + 1 baked potato + 1 beetroot or carrot (item contained in tag berrybushes:vege)


Berry Bush:

Bushes randomly generate in the world, they can be placed on another bush or dirt like blocks (blocks contained in tag berrybushes:bush_plantable_on)

Berry Bush has some properties:

  • They hurt livings like cactus by default (can be turned off in config)
  • You can right-click them with a wood to make them solid (entity not passable)
  • They drop their yield on the ground if they try to grow but they are already mature (can be turned off in the config)

And there are options to control the spawn of them in the config (banned biomes&dims, spawn height, spawn rate...)



ModPack and License:

    This mod is protected under the MIT license, as described in the project details and the GitHub source page.

    If you want to put this mod into your modpack, just do it, why not?



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