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UNU Military Vehicles [MTS/IV] [IR] (jeep truck trains)




This mod has the following requirements:

Minecraft Transport Simulator

UNU Parts Pack

Immersive Railroading (Optional)*


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All Vehicles come in BlackThorne Blue as well as Desert, Forest, and Winter Camouflage.

Vehicle List:
UNU Wolf [NR-490-LTG]
UNU Mule [ZF-174-MCG] - Multiple configurations

If you install Immersive Railroading*, you also get a gigantic train gun**.

More vehicles to come!

*If you change the .jar to .zip, then this can be used as an IR resource pack that does not require MTS

**Traingun currently not operational, but I'll be damned if it doesn't strike the fear of god into all who see it.