UNU Parts Pack [MTS]

268,962 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 26, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2


UNU Corporation provides quality parts for a variety of applications!

The UNU Parts Pack™ adds an array of new, exciting parts to MTS, with new parts added daily!*

This mod has the following requirements:

Minecraft Transport Simulator
Immersive Railroading (Optional)*


Download my other packs!
UNU Civilian - Quality civilian cars, trucks, planes, and trains from UNU!
UNU Military - Quality military equipment from UNU!
MTS Air-Cooled Pack - Volkswagens, Corvairs, and other air-cooled cars!
Expanded UNUverse Pack - Vehicles from the UNUverse beyond BlackThorne!
Iconic Film Vehicles - A 2015 Classic

Try the official server!

We accept community submissions for the following parts:
- Bumper Stickers
- Bus Advertisements
- Cargo Containers
- Grafitti (to be applied to various things)

If you install Immersive Railroading*, you also get some new track designs!

Join our Discord for a template to submit your design, or keep up with development!

Support UNU on Patreon!


Trade out your boring stock MTS gauges and wheels with sleek, new UNU parts!




Official UNU endorsed packs:

UNU Empire Vehicles

UNU Military Pack

Moonspire Metropolitan Motors

Golden Airport Pack

*If you change the .jar to .zip, then this can be used as an IR resource pack that does not require MTS


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