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UnlimitedPeripheralWorks provide a lot of integrations and extension for minecraft and other mods!


Current extra minecraft peripherals:

- Beacon

- Jukebox

- Note block

- Lectern

- Powered rail


Current mod integrations;

- Any fabric-based item storage

- Any fabric-based fluid storage

- TeamReborn Energy Storage

- Lifts (for 1.18)

- AE2 (for 1.18, and 1.19.2)

- Occultism (1.19.4)

- integrated Dynamics (1.19.4)

- Easy Villagers (1.19.4)

- Tom's Simple Storage (1.19.4)


Required dependencies:

- Peripheralium


To read more, please, visit documentation page.


If you have any questions, you can join discord.


If you have any issues or suggestions, please, visit Github.