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Turtlematic - is ComputerCraft about making turtles so useful, so you will never need any other automation mod!


List of features, that available for turtles with this mods:


- Simulate player right and left click with items on blocks and mobs
- Gathering experience
- In-place smelting and stonecutting (with mod interactions) for blocks
- Capture and release blocks and mobs
- Searching for mobs or items around turtle
- Harvest crops without block breaking

- Enchanting items and extract enchantments to books
- Smelting items
- Smithing recipes

- Teleporting to previously stored points in world
- Placing chat bubbles on top of themself
- Voiding item in inventory


and more feature comes


Required dependencies:

- Fabric Kotlin

- CC: R

- Forge Config API for Fabric

- Peripheralium (0.4.0+)


To read more, please, visit documentation page.


If you have any questions, you can join discord.


If you have any issues or suggestions, please, visit Github.