Under Umbrella Mod

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I am in college and just don't have the time and motivation to keep my mods up to date or do any major bug fixes. If anyone wishes to take over and keep any of my mods updated please message me.


Witchery vampires celebrate! You may now walk in the sun!

To use this just craft the umbrella with sticks and wool like a pickaxe, then hold it in your hand. It will spawn a layer of blocks above your head that follows you around and de-spawns itself when it is out of your range.

The radius, height above your head, and time each block stays after being out of your range is configurable.


The main reason I made this was sun protection, as a vampire something like this is very useful, now you can go out in the sun without screaming in pain or dying.


And I guess it works for rain as well, but who cares about that right?


It should be noted this mod does not use or modify code from witchery, and is in no way related to it besides the fact this will always make it so your player can't see the sky. It is simply a standalone mod that puts blocks above your head when holding the item.


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