Twitch Chat Bridge (Fabric)

218 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 16, 2019 Game Version: Fabric

Twitch Chat Bridge


This light-weight mod links a Twitch channel's chat to your Minecraft chatbox!


There are more mods that do this, but none are available for Fabric... so I made it!


This mod requires Mod Menu and Fabric API to work.




1. Get a Twitch oauth key here and write it down somewhere. Make sure to get the full key (including "oath:")

2. Open the mod menu.

3. Open this mod's configuration inside that menu.

4. Fill in the config textboxes.

5. Go ingame and type /twitch enable.


Click here to see images!


Source available on GitHub!


I've started school, so this project is going to be updated sparingly, but I'll try to answer every comment and resolve your issues.


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