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Filename TurretMod-1.11.2-4.0.0-beta.3.jar
Uploaded by SanAndreasP
Uploaded Nov 26, 2017
Game Version 1.11.2
Size 2.20 MB
Downloads 432
MD5 0f7b2a22eac93afaf7bc42343a8035f5
Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 8


New TCU, new features! Also expanded the configurability and feature set of the Smart Targeting Upgrade and fixed some stuff.

TCU features:

  • a little screen from the view of the turret itself
  • a new search bar for the target list
  • now with whitelist and blacklist mode for the target list
  • new tab for the smart targeting upgrade for fine tuning
    • Allows for configuring turret awareness, tamable and age recognition and an entity counter to check against!
  • new textures to match item and turret info GUI graphics


  • fixed Turret Laser not properly resetting the GL lighting state
  • fixed some visual bugs regarding shaders
  • Turrets won't try to shoot targets anymore when deactivated whilst targeting an entity (very noticeable with the Laser Turret)

API changes:

  • ITargetProcessor.getValidTargetList() now has no turretEntity parameter anymore, as it's useless

Additional Files

Type Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads Actions
TurretMod-1.11.2-4.0.0-beta.3-src.jar 2.18 MB Nov 26, 2017
TurretMod-1.11.2-4.0.0-beta.3-deobf.jar 2.17 MB Nov 26, 2017

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