Turret Mod Rebirth

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Filename TurretMod-1.10-4.0.0-alpha.5.jar
Uploaded by SanAndreasP
Uploaded Jul 8, 2016
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 1.71 MB
Downloads 5,942
MD5 fdf393c6549909b0c2412a4bb7217cd6
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 8


  • added Revolver turret
  • added Minigun turret
  • shotgun turret sounds should work properly now
  • fixed format errors in GUIs
  • removed unneeded assets, reduced file size to 1.7 MB (instead of massive 7 MB)
  • fancied up TCU label on turrets
  • added economy upgrades (they reduce ammo consumption)
  • turrets should now have a smoother animation
  • fixed rendering errors on turrets with their antennae and upgrades
  • pathing to turrets by hit mobs shoulf be working now
  • turret range is now represented as a cuboid instead as a sphere
  • turrets now have less range above and below than on the sides
  • added missing translations for the Misc and Info categories
  • Cryolator turrets now need ice blocks to be crafted
  • turret names can now be edited via the TCU

Additional Files

Type Name Size Uploaded Game Version Downloads Actions
TurretMod-1.10-4.0.0-alpha.5-src.jar 256.77 KB Jul 8, 2016
TurretMod-1.10-4.0.0-alpha.5-deobf.jar 1.69 MB Jul 8, 2016

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