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True Secret Rooms

True Secret Rooms. Now stable and out of alpha!~

Heavily Inspired By The Original Secret Rooms Mod!


This mod is a lot like the secret rooms mod, but, this is for fabric. You may have also heard of a different secret rooms mod, however, it's to note that that mod does not work with modded blocks. This one does.

If you want to talk to me personally, come to my Discord server.

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First, you can start by crafting some camo paste, which is clay surrounded by any dye. Then you can craft some camo ghost blocks or solid blocks with scaffolding or wool repsectively. Solid blocks are used to craft everything else, stairs, trapdoors, etc. The real magic comes into play with the Staff Of Camo. This is quite a difficult item to get, as you need a trident, prismarine, and some eyes of ender as well as a heart of the sea. No easy task getting this item, but its uses are limitless (in a way). With this, you can right click on any block and face, and it stores that into the item. You can then right click on a camo block to transfer that into that side of the camo block! If you shift right-click in air, it swaps it to the Rotation Mode™ wherein you can rotate any face.


If you want to set a block to force the way it is, right click on it with some honeycomb! This will wax the block and prevent any altering changes from occurring. This does not consume the item.




This is a Fabric mod, do not mistake this for Forge.

This is for 1.17, do not mistake it for any other version.

No this will not work with sodium, don't ask for support, as it's their fault the rendering system doesn't work. Canvas does work, but it only lets one face render, so it doesn't really work. Optifine/Optifabric works as well but has some weird culling effects. Be careful with shaders as well. I don't plan to add support for these mods, as I know little about rendering. Don't berate me or them for support, we're just making mods at the end of the day.


(Pseudo) FAQ


Will you move this to forge?

No, just download the original.

Will you move this to x.xx.xx version?

Most likely not.

How do I play this mod, it won't load for me!

This is a fabric mod, a tutorial can be found here.