Troll Ores Reborn

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 Troll Ores Reborn has been REBORN again. Starting with the new x.0.5 Versions we have created a totally new Troll Ores Reborn mod with the help of a new Ore Troll. Yes you read that right. We will no longer be using silverfish. 


I have updated the info below with all new features, Along with all new info. 


Troll Ore Reborn picks ores at random no matter what mod they are from and turn them into Troll Ore when Harvested.


You are able to change the following configs.


  1. How many Ore Trolls Spawn from Troll Ores.
  2. Enable Withers to spawn from Troll Ores.
  3. Change the chance a random ore will become Troll Ores.
  4. Enable Fortune to multiply the chance of triggering Troll Ores.
  5. Enable Custom Blocks. (This allows you to add custom blocks to the list that will turn into a Troll Ores)
  6. Turn on/off Ore Trolls Spawning Particles
  7. Turn on/off Ore Trolls Sounds
  8. Turn on/off Ore Trolls Sprinting
  9. Set the percent of Ore Trolls vs. Wither spawning.
  10. Turn on/off Ore Trolls attack damage
  11. Turn on/off Ore Trolls cactus damage resistance
  12. Turn on/off Ore Trolls fall damage resistance
  13. Turn on/off Ore Trolls fire damage resistance
  14. Turn on/off Ore Trolls only damage by players
  15. Set Duration of Ore Trolls of potion effects
  16. Set follow distance of Ore Trolls
  17. Set Ore Trolls Health
  18. Turn on/off Ore Trolls projectile damage resistance
  19. Turn on/off Ore Trolls suffocation damage resistance
  20. Turn on/off Ore Trolls random negative potion effects
  21. Set Ore Trolls & Withers Name. (Ore Trolls can have multiple names)
  22. Turn on/off Wither ignite on spawn
  23. Turn on/off Wither sounds

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