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Madpack 4 is a *BETA* hardcore modpack made by JonBams and M1jordanallen, and the rest of the Baminati. This pack is still in development and may have bugs, please report them in the issue tracker. This pack is intended to be played on hardcore, and the recommended world settings are set as default when creating a new world. Development and testing of this pack can be found almost daily @


Just about anything you do will try to kill you and test your skills. Are you warrior enough to try to survive Madpack 4?  From the moment you punch your first tree to the final quest and dimension that doesn't seem to exist, you will be fighting an uphill battle against mobs and bosses that increase in difficulty as time goes on. You will need to explore the world for boosts in power and quality of life. Just about every config and customization that is possible to tweak has been tweaked. Many mods have been developed for this pack to make a truly unique experience that offers an incredible challenge. 


Your goal is to complete the main quest line. It will walk you through the boss progression as well as direct you to some of the most important items to help you survive. There are many side quests that give you further tips and direct you to powerful items. There is a tab in your inventory that will take you to the questing GUI as well as a quest tracker on your screen that tracks main quests. You can hide the questing tracker if you feel you do not need it. 


Many vanilla survival mechanics have been changed as well as many mod mechanics. The vanilla combat cooldown has been removed so you always attack at full strength. Your natural health regen has been greatly reduced, and the more health you are missing the longer it will take to naturally heal.  There are many healing items found in various structures and dungeons in the world and eventually a Kappa flask which will be your most used healing method and can be upgraded. Eating larger meals will take longer to eat.  You may sleep in this pack, but it is greatly discouraged as it greatly increases the difficulty of the mobs that spawn. Rain will slow you down, but at least it's not poison. Many mobs are not able to one shot you, although there are a few sneaky mobs you may have to watch out for that can get you when you least expect it. Aside from a few larger killed mobs, xp goes directly to the player to reduce on lag and drops are lava/fire resistant. Follow the main quest line, plan accordingly, and you should be able to handle what is thrown at you. 


As you play the game, the difficulty will rise and the will be a meter on the screen to tell you how difficult mobs will be. A couple things will increase the difficulty like sleeping, as we mentioned before. But also, when you are in other dimensions, difficulty will rise twice as fast as if you were in the overworld. To combat the difficulty, every 8 days you can join an event in the overworld that will spawn bosses on you that drop an item to lower the difficulty. These items are essential to not being overwhelmed in later portions of the pack. The day and time counter will become red on the days of the event, which start at night time, and will become yellow the day before an event.  There are also random events that bring the other dimensions to you, but you never know what and when those will spawn. 


Good luck on getting to the end

-The Baminati




  • JonBams - Responsible for concepts and decisions. Head of the Baminati. All knowing. Streams the development of the pack on twitch @







  • GhostlyKoala - Artist, main menu and quest art. 



  • Kashdeya - Mod developer, did many configs and customization to the pack. Helped M1Jordanallen get previous projects and Madpack off the ground. Contributed to the Minecraft community for many years working behind the scenes to being some of the best features and packs to your PCs. He was respected among the devs he worked beside and always put everything he had into his projects. We lost this amazing developer in November of 2018 from Cancer. He will be greatly missed by everyone on the Madpack team and the modded Minecraft community as a whole.



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