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Allows players to form groups called tribes.
Has many commands and GUIs to manage your tribe. Read the wiki for details.


  • Tribes is best enjoyed on a server with your friends :)
  • Tribes must be installed on the server as well as on all clients


  • **Please report any bugs on the github issues page
  • If you have any questions or suggestions, please join the discord server: https://discord.gg/VbZVnRd
  • Tribes was commissioned by Khaki
  • DM LukeGrahamLandry#6888 on discord to commission your own mod

Known Bugs

shall be fixed soon
  • 1.17: sometimes crashes when the server restarts (problem reading chosen effects) (fixed in Dev)
  • both: crashes when it tries to render Skribbit's the icon (just messed up the deity json) (fixed in Dev)
  • both?: some pages of deity books start with {"text": (fixed in Dev)