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What is Trajectory?

Trajectory is a mod/API that allows other mods to move blocks around the world following certain trajectories. Those trajectories can either be the pre-defined ones (translation and rotation), or custom ones created by implementing the ITrajectory interface.

What mods use Trajectory?

Current list of mods using Trajectory (13 Oct. 2015):

If your mod uses Trajectory, send me a PM with the link to it and the version that started using it, and I'll add it to this list.

What features does Trajectory currently have? (13 Oct. 2015)

  • Block movement using placeholder blocks
  • Entity movement alongside the blocks.
  • Collision box movement.
  • Selection box movement.
  • Partial block interaction while moving.
  • Commands for server admins/command blocks/other utilities:
    • /trajectory moveblock [...]
    • /trajectory movearea [...]
  • IMC messages for mod developers (blacklist blocks/tile entities/classes, avoid TileEntities from being invalidated...).
  • Simple JSON config file for movement handling.

What features are planned for future versions of Trajectory?

  • Block movement using entities
  • Strcuture modification whilst moving
  • Advanced JSON config file for movement handling (eg.: defining rotation handling for blocks inside the config file)

What mods/mod blocks are natively supported?

Translation movement supports pretty much any block from any mod, though not all of them work.

Rotation movement natively supports any block that handles Block#rotateBlock().

Mods with extra support (20 Oct. 2015):

  • Applied Energistics 2
    • Multipart rotation
    • Block rotation (because Block#rotateBlock() rotates it backwards >.<)
  • Buildcraft
    • Pipe rotation
    • Laser rotation
  • ComputerCraft
    • Computer movement without turning off
  • Forge MultiPart
    • Microblock rotation
    • McMultipart rotation (multipart torches, levers, buttons...)
  • Forge MultiPart -> Applied Energistics 2
    • AE2 FMP multipart rotation
  • Mystcraft
    • Bookstand/lectern rotation
  • Thermal Dynamics
    • Grid re-validation when moving
    • Duct rotation
  • Thermal Expansion (partial)
    • Machine/strongbox/cache rotation
    • Support for WAILA tooltips on moving blocks

If you want to add support for your mod, PLEASE contact me and we'll figure out the best way to do it.
I'd like to keep all the mod compatibility inside Trajectory:Compat, but in some cases you can do it in your mod (like blacklisting blocks using IMC).

Modpack permissions:


Feel free to add Trajectory to any and all of your modpacks :)


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