Blue Power

705,175 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 14, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Blue Power is a tech mod that adds a variety of ways to manipulate and transport blocks and redstone signals to the game.

The initial release will be expanded on over time with a lot of the core processes changed giving a whole new feel and progression. It is in a constant state of development and features can be added or removed at any time.

Feel free to add it to your modpack without asking. Have fun!


1.12 Port Progress:

Items that are Work in Progress are marked WIP in game and recipes have been removed.



Currently Includes:

  • Project Tables
  • Lamps
  • World Gen
  • Crops
  • Tools
  • Alloy Furnace
  • World Manipulation Machines

Currently WIP:

  • Wire
  • Gates
  • Tubes
  • Blue Power Energy
  • Computers


Important information:

Forge Multipart or QmunityLib is no longer required for 1.12

Recommend adding ConnectedTextureMod for Connected Textures and Lighting of some blocks.


You will need QmunityLib for 1.7.10 though! Grab it from:


Bug reports:

PLEASE report bugs in the issue tracker, not here.