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Filename Traincraft-4.4.1_021.jar
Uploaded by NitroxydeX
Uploaded May 20, 2020
Game Version Forge
Size 25.70 MB
Downloads 81,925
MD5 cde1176d6bd55ca32afc451496052c25
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions



	+ Fixed a crash with the ComputerCraft module.
	+ Fixed a crash with the superclass on the switchstand.
	+ Fixed a crash and controller\vr support issue due to improper keybind methods.
	+ Reduced perm space use in ram.
	+ Performance and reliability improvements to train bogies.
	+ Small changes to entity updates to improve reliability during lag.
	+ Fixed a crash related to rider position updates.
	+ Fixed a recipe conflict with mekanism.
	+ Fixed a few issues in the english language file related to waila entity names.

	+ Fix for missing GS4 bogie textures.
	+ Fixed the ability for stock to roll down slopes.
	+ Fixed a texture bug in the 4-4-0 Climax.
	+ Fixed a small texture bug in one of the DD35A skins.
	+ Added some additional world protect support for the tracks builder, it's still nowhere near perfect.
	+ Fixed a small texture issue with the heavyweight boxcar.
	+ Fixed trackbuilder placement of falling blocks. Credit to Hagrud.
	+ Fixes for trackbuilder placing 1x1 TC rails. Credit to Hagrud.
	+ Fixes for trackbuilder digging down. Credit to Hagrud.
	+ Fixes for some item management issues with the track builder. Credit to Hagrud.
	+ Track builder now activates and listens to the BlockBreak event properly. Credit to Hagrud.
	+ Updated Lssp7, KClass Rail Box, BP4, H10-44 and FOL M1 models by Bidahochi.
	+ Texture fixes for the Long Covered Hopper, by Broscolotos and Mano.
	+ Updated description for the FOL to state where it's from (we get asked that a LOT).
	+ Updated description for the wood flatcar since it supports planks AND logs.
	+ Updated Yellow F3 skin, fixes by Prof. Binky.
	+ Updated SD70, flatcar, and orange DD35 skins by Wcfb75.
	+ Fixed some missing graphics on the H10-44 skins.
	+ GP7 model has been remade to the new format by Sebasver, and many longstanding issues were fixed by Bidahochi.

	+ Significant performance improvements to rendering rails.
	+ Fixed a crash related to rail blocks with missing data.
	+ Rail models are now stored statically, this should improve overall RAM  and VRAM use.
	+ Fixed a bug that often prevented model previews from rendering on the crafting tables.

	+ Fixed a bug with the composite armor where the legs would take damage underwater.

MTC (credit to PeachMaster)
	+ ATO can now be forced (Not all trains can use ATO now, for added realism).
	+ Wireless MTC data is now only sent from trains that have connected stock.
	+ Added the Wireless Transmitter item (Allows the ability for non W-MTC supported trains to use W-MTC).